{Solved} Fix atikmpag.sys Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Error


How can the Windows 10 atikmpag.sys Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) error be fixed? The article provides some practical solutions. Use the instructions below to quickly troubleshoot the issue if you can access Windows or start your computer in safe mode.

This error can occur due to faulty, incompatible, or outdated graphic drivers (in particular, the ADM graphics card) on your computer. Any corruption or damage to the atikmpag.sys BSOD file can cause the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD).

This post provides practical answers to the atikmpag.sys Blue Screen of Death issue on Windows 10, which is often accompanied by the error number VIDEO TDR FAILURE. It explains what results in the BSOD error and how to solve it.

What provokes atikmpag.sys to display a Blue Screen of Death?

You’re probably thinking about what atikmpag.sys is if you’re reading this. A device driver file called atikmpag.sys enables equipment, like a graphics card, to interface with software. The name ATI Radeon Kernel Mode Driver Package is abbreviated as Atikmpag. This file must be kept. The problem happens when the atikmpag.sys file is damaged. If Your PC encounters a problem, you must restart it when updating to Windows 10 from either Windows 7 or 8. The BSOD error prevents Windows from booting.

Typical key reasons:

The following are some typical causes of the atikmdag.sys error in Windows 11:

  • Defective hardware, typically the RAM
  • Ineffective drivers
  • Memory allocation problems
  • Defective system files
  • Viruses or malware on the computer

Note: “Boot into safe mode with networking and fix these if the blue screen prevents Windows from entering the desktop.”

How to Fix atikmpag.sys Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Issue

Below we have compiled nine methods likely to get you out of this error.

Method 1: Update Display Card And Chipset Drivers

Your PC may fail to reset the display driver. And subsequently, it fails to recover from a timeout and the atikmpag.sys Blue Screen of Death error occurs. You need to update your drivers.

  1. First, right-click on My Computer.
  2. Then Select Properties from the drop-down menu.this pc properties
  3. Afterward, Choose Device Manager. Also, check for any Display Driver has Stopped Responding Error.
  4. Then See through the devices given. Check for any that have a yellow exclamation mark on them.update drivers
  5. Afterward, Right-click on any of these devices. Then choose Update Driver.update drivers

After the update is done, finally, restart your PC. Check if updating your drivers has solved the atikmpag.sys error for you.

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Method 2: Re-install Drivers In Safe Mode

For this, you need to have the latest version of the AMD/ATI graphics card driver.

  1. First, open Safe Mode in Windows 10. Reboot your PC. Press F8 before the Windows logo comes on the screen. It will open the Boot Options. Select Safe Mode from the list.enable safe mode
  2. Then Go to Device Managers. Follow the steps from the previous method.
  3. Afterward, Expand Display adapters. Right-click on AMD/ATI device. Click on Uninstall.
  4. Then Click OK.uninstall driver
  5. Afterward, reboot your system in normal mode. Install the latest version of the Intel chipset driver.
  6. Then Reboot your computer again.
  7. Finally, try installing the AMD/ATI graphics driver again.

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Method 3: Replace Atikmpag.sys File

You can try to replace the corrupted file with a new, problem-free one. Follow these steps:

  1. First, Download the latest version of the AMD/ATI graphics driver first.
  2. Then Follow this path: C:\Windows\System32\drivers.
  3. Within the window, locate the atikmpag.sys file. Rename the file as atikmpag.sys.old.atikmpag old
  4. Then Go to the ATI directory, usually in C:\ATI. Find the atikmpag.sys.
  5. Afterward, Copy this file to your desktop.
  6. Then On the keyboard, press the Windows key. Type cmd, click on Command Prompt.
  7. Now in the prompt window, type cd desktop. Hit Enter. This changes directory to Desktop.cd desktop
  8. Then Next type expand atikmpag.sy_ atikmpag.sys and press Enter. Or you can type expand –r atikmpag.sy_ atikmpag.sys.atikmpag.sy_
  9. Afterward, Wait for the expansion to complete. After this, copy the new atikmpag.sys file to C:\Windows\System32\drivers
  10. Finally, Restart your system. This should have solved your problem, and the Blue Screen of Death error code will not occur.

Tip: “If you can’t find it in that location, you can search for atikmpag.sys in the Windows Search box.”

Method 4: Repair Registry Entries Associated With Windows 8 Pro

Third-party program installation and malware infection can cause corrupt the registry entries. It, in turn, causes the atikmpag.sys blue screen of death error. Before you manually repair the Windows registry, we suggest keeping a backup of the registry. Follow these steps for creating the backup:

  1. First, Click on the Start button.
  2. Then Type “command” in the Search box. Hold Ctrl+Shift and press Enter.command prompt
  3. Afterward, A permission dialog box will appear. Click Yes.
  4. Then Type in regedit. Press Enter. Also, check for any Windows Error Code 0x80070570.regedit
  5. Afterward, In the Registry Editor, select atikmpag.sys related key.
  6. Then From the File menu, choose Export.export atikmpag file
  7. Afterward, select a folder from Save it in the list where you want to save the file.
  8. Then Ascertain a name for the file.
  9. Afterward, In the Export Range box, ensure that “Selected Branch” has been checked.
  10. Finally, Click on Save.save atikmpag

It has now created a backup with the .reg file extension. Manual repairing registry involves high risk to the system. You can use other trusted registry cleaners like WinThruster.

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Method 5: Uninstall the Recently Installed Program Associated With Atikmpag.sys

If the error code shows only for a specific program, reinstalling Windows 8 Pro-related software can help.

  1. First, Bring up the Start Menu.
  2. Then Click on Programs and Features.programs
  3. Afterward, In this window, locate the program that is associated with atikmpag.sys. You will find this under the Name column.
  4. Then Click on the Windows 8 Pro-associated entry.
  5. Afterward, Click on Uninstall/Change on the menu ribbon at the top.
  6. Finally, Keep following the instructions on the screen for successful uninstallation.

After you have uninstalled it, reinstall it correctly. It will likely solve the atikmpag.sys issue.

Method 6: Check For Hard Drive Corruption

Sometimes the BSOD errors can be caused due to hard drive corruption. You can use the Microsoft inbuilt Check Disk facility to scan and repair hard drive corruption.

  1. First, Click on the Start button.
  2. Then Type “command” in the Search box. Hold Ctrl+Shift and press Enter.
  3. Afterward, A permission dialog box will appear. Click Yes.command prompt
  4. Then Type in “chkdsk /f” and press Enter. Now, this is also used to detect and fix Windows Detected a Hard Disk Problem.chkdsk c: /f
  5. “chkdsk /f” will start scanning for hard disk corruption.
  6. Finally, Follow the on-screen commands. If there is corruption, the issue will likely be solved.

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Method 7: Test Your Memory (Ram) For Corruption

If you experience random systems reboots, “beep” codes on startup or other PC crashes, it is possible that your memory is corrupted. We will run Memtest86 for checking.

  1. First, Get an unused USB flash drive. Connect it to the PC.
  2. Then Download Windows MemTest86 USB image from this link:memtest86
  3. Afterward, Right-click on the file, and extract it to your Desktop.
  4. Then Go inside the folder. Run the included imageUSB tool. Choose your USB drive to turn into a bootable drive. Note: This erases all data on the USB drive.image usb
  5. Then Memtest86 is now installed on your PC. Restart your PC with the USB installed.
  6. Afterward, Memtest86 begins testing for memory corruption. Keep following the instructions on the screen.

If Memtest86 tests successful for memory corruption, the atikmpag.sys error is due to bad memory. You need to replace it.

Note: “System image recovery was unable to resolve the stop error caused by RAM issues; however, it was able to resolve the issues caused by software issues. Most atikmpag. Software issues cause sys BSoDs. As a result, backup is required.”

Method 8: Run The Windows File Checker

Running the system file checker helps in repairing corrupt files.

  1. First, Click on Start.
  2. Then in the Search programs and files box, type “cmd.”
  3. Afterward, Press the keys Ctrl + Shift + Enter. Then click on OK. This will open the command prompt. Alternatively, press Windows + X keys. Then click on Command Prompt (Admin).command prompt
  4. Then type “sfc/scannow” at the command prompt.scannow command
  5. Finally, The process will take some time. Replace the corrupt files.

Restart the system. If your atikmpag.sys file had been corrupted, this would restore it.

Tip:“If your PC doesn’t boot, create a bootable disc or USB flash drive using Media Builder in this backup program. Launch a file backup by starting the computer from the device after that.”

Note: “After your computer has been thoroughly scanned, you should remove any discovered viruses; depending on the antivirus product you’re using, this may involve selecting the clean or delete option.”

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Method 9: Clean Installation Of Windows

It is the last method you should try, which will likely solve the atikmpag.sys issue. Before you proceed, you should back up all your relevant documents, pictures, and other data. It is a time-consuming step. It will also erase everything from your hard drive. A clean installation will also remove all the junk and prepare your computer for normal usage. Moreover, it will also remove any Windows 10 Random Restart Error or Slow Shutdown Error from your PC.

Tip: “If your Windows keeps failing to boot, use WinRE to reinstate it by choosing System Restore from the Advanced settings option.”


What is Atikmpag.sys blue screen failure?

A video tdr failure (atikmpag. sys) error is caused by a faulty, incompatible, or corrupt graphic driver. Users encounter this error after upgrading their System or updating their drivers.

Can I delete Atikpag.sys file?

The deletion of atikmpag.sys will result in damages or corruption. Windows won't do anything but use the onboard graphics if removing it would disable your graphics card.

Why do TDR tests fail?

The graphics card driver is the most frequent cause of video TDR failure, so you must ensure you're using the most recent version. It is a good idea to update the graphics card because an older version may conflict with Windows 10 and cause BSODs such as Video Scheduler Internal Error.

How can I update the graphics card of my device?

One can update the Video card drivers by installing and downloading the latest peripherals from the following sources: Windows Updates - Windows Update is used to update some device drivers. The most recent drivers are automatically downloaded and installed by Windows Update on Microsoft Windows 10.

How can my drivers be updated?

Follow these steps to check for PC updates, including driver updates: The Windows taskbar's Start button should be clicked. Click the Settings icon that looks like a tiny gear. Check for updates is selected after selecting Updates & Security.


This concludes the article on Fixing atikmpag.sys Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Error. Hopefully, any one of these methods works and solves the issue for you.

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