Steam Won’t Open Error {Solved}- [7 Ways to Fix ]


Steam Won’t open is an error faced by many steam users worldwide. Many have reported that while trying to open the client or the program, it closes within a few seconds without any other prompting issues. There are many issues speculated to be the reason behind this error.


The most common of those issues are, having a Steam Process running in the background, or even interference from some other software. Whatever the reason behind the error maybe, this can be a very frustrating and annoying issue because this error blocks you from accessing or playing the games you have in your Steam Library which means that all those are pretty much useless now.

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In case you are facing such an issue, worry no more. We are here with the best and proven methods that have been helpful to a lot of Steam Users to resolve the error. These methods can help you to revive your steam client and go back to your favorite games. We suggest that you go through the steps thoroughly before attempting any of the methods, to avoid any system damage.

How to Fix Steam Won’t Open Error

Also, we recommend that you can select the best way for you from the list based on the actual issue you are facing, which means that you need not try all the steps. Try the ones that you feel will resolve your problem.

Close all the Steam tasks in the background

At times, your Steam client may not have been shut down correctly or entirely, and the processes or tasks that have been running in Steam are still running as processes in the background. So when you are trying to launch the Steam client later, your operating system comes to the understanding that the same particular processes have already been running in your system and as a result, refuses to launch the program. To open the Steam Account usually, you should just end all the tasks related to Steam in the Task manager.

1. Right-click on any space on the taskbar and then click on the Task Manager option or select Start Task Manager.

task manager list

2. End all Steam Tasks that are running.
3. To end a task, right click on the particular task and then click End task or End processes option.
• The task mentioned here includes tasks, an application as well as processes.
4. After the process has been completed, Re-Launch your Steam client and then see if it opens.

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Restart your computer

The issue may be caused by very small problems in your system that are caused by any other program or process. These faulty programs or processes may be causing your OS to be unable to open Steam client. Restarting your computer can be a beneficial solution to this problem as it can help to get rid of these small problems. Restart your computer and then check whether the issue remains.

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Restart your network devices

Another reason why you are not able to open Steam would be because of a bad network. Some fault may cause this issue in your modem, router or any network devices. If these devices are faulty, then it is sure to cause the Steam not Opening error. So the easiest way to bring back these devices to a normal state is to restart your network devices. Follow the below mentioned steps to restart them:

1. Firstly, you must Shut down your computer, and also shut down your modem and router.
2. Unplug the power from your modem and the router so that they are entirely out of power now.
3. After waiting for a couple of minutes, plug the power cables back in.
4. Then, Switch on your modem and also your router, then wait until they are entirely turned on.
5. Now, switch on your computer and then check whether the Steam won’t open Windows 10 issue that you were facing is resolved.

Try Reinstalling your Steam client

Reinstalling your Steam client can be a helpful method while trying to fix the Steam Won’t open error. This method will help you to fix any issue regarding the steam program files or any operating system compatibility problems that may be preventing steam from opening. To reinstall Steam:

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1. Go to the Steam official website and then download a new Steam installer from there.
2. Then, Open and run the Steam installer that you have just downloaded.
3. Follow the instructions given by the install wizard to install your Steam client on your computer.

Note: while installing your Steam client, remember to install it in the same location it was already installed. Else all your user data and games will be lost from steam.

Update your operating system and drivers

The steam client may be facing issues, probably because of outdated Operating System or Drivers. You can resolve this by simply updating your OS and Device Drivers. To update your operating system:

1. Click on the Windows Start icon in the lower left corner of your computer’s desktop. After clicking on it, type in “update.“
2. Check for Windows Update in the search results and then click on it.

Check for Updates

3. On the windows update window, Click on the Check for updates option. (On Windows 7 operating system, you will be able to see the Check for updates option in the left pane of the Windows Update window.)
4. Then, Windows Update will check for the latest updates that you need to install. Download and install these updates on your computer.
5. Then Check whether this method has resolved the Steam not launching error.

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Temporarily disabling your Anti-Virus software

Sometimes the Steam Won’t start error arises due to the interference caused by the Anti Virus software installed on your computer. To check if your Antivirus is the reason behind this problem, you can temporarily disable your Anti-Virus Program and check if the problem persists.

If disabling your Antivirus program resolves the problem, then we suggest that your Re-Install your Antivirus program or install another option.

Note: Be extra careful while using the internet when your Antivirus is disabled. As it is easier for you to get a malware infection on your computer without the protection of an Antivirus Program.

Restore your computer from a previous restore point

If you have made any changes in your computer’s settings that may be the reason behind this problem, then the best method that you can resort to is Restoring your computer. This method may be beneficial to resolve many problems that you face on your computer. Restoring your computer to a previous restore point can be very helpful in fixing the Steam Won’t Open error.

1. Click on the Windows Start button at the lower left of your desktop screen. Type in “recovery“ in the search box. And then from the list of results, click on Recovery,

Update and Recovery

2. Click on the Open System Restore option. Then The System Restore wizard will appear.

System Restore

3. Follow the instructions given by the wizard to restore your system from a system restore point that you have created previously.

4. After the system restore process completes, open your Steam client to check whether the Steam won’t open error remains.

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Why can’t I open steam after logging in?

One of the problems that can cause Steam won’t open after logging in could be errors in Windows OS components such as Registry files.

Why does steam keep closing after a few seconds?

his issue can result from various reasons, such as unclosed Steam processes in the background or interference from other software.

How to fix steam not responding to games?

Close Steam Client and backup your game data and go to Processes tab. Here, end any active Steam processes. Close Windows Task Manager. Open Control Panel (use Windows search). Go to Uninstall a program. Here, select Steam and click Uninstall. After this, reinstall Steam application again from the internet.


These are the best methods that you can try to resolve the Steam Won’t Open error on your computer. We hope that these instructions helped you to solve the problem you are facing.