5 Ways To Fix There Was a Problem Parsing the Package


When discussing smartphones in the present scenario, the most common Operating System happens to be the Google-owned Android. It is an open source operating system which makes it somewhat vulnerable to security risks. Due to such properties of the Android OS, the users face various errors on their devices. One of the most common errors faced by the Android users is there was a problem parsing the package error.

there was a problem parsing the package

Most of the users would have faced this error at least once on their devices. Don’t panic, this article will provide you to fix this error by following some easy ways.

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How to Fix There Was a Problem Parsing the Package

To understand the causes of this error, we have to understand the term, parsing. Whenever we write a code for an application, it has to analyze by the machine so that it can be executed. If the computer finds an error in the code, it results in the error message there was a problem parsing the package. Thus, the causes of the parsing error can be listed as:

  1. The file might get corrupt.
  2. The file might not be compatible with the Operating System.
  3. The Operating System might not have permission to parse the file.
  4. The system might have blocked the file.
  5. The Manifest file might have changed.

If you are facing parse error on your device, read the content below and get rid of the unwanted message that there is a problem parsing the package.

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Method 1: Due to Corrupted File

If you are getting a message of parsing error on your device, it is possible that the file you are trying to install might have been corrupted. This could happen for some reasons such as an incomplete download of the file, changes in the network while the file was being downloaded, etc.

corrupted file

The best method to fix this issue is to download the file again over a stable network. The issue will solve if the reason for the same was a corrupted file. If not, you need to read the methods below.

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Method 2: Due to incompatible OS

Every file we use has to be compatible with the operating system of our device. If the file and the Os are not compatible, you will get the error message of there was a problem parsing the package. It is not a very big issue and can get fixed easily. If the Operating System is obsolete, you need to update your device to the latest version of the OS as provided by the company.

After upgrading the OS, try using the file, and if it still shows a parsing error, you need to download the latest version of the file. For example, a WhatsApp application file for Android Gingerbread would not run on Android Oreo and vice versa. Once you have your file and OS compatible, the error message wouldn’t pop onto your screen. But, if you still face the error, look out at the methods below.

Method 3: Denial of Permission to the OS

Most of the time, the internal security system of the Operating System denies permission to the file. It usually happens when we have a file from a source which considers being untrusted by the Operating System.

This problem can fix by changing the security settings of the device. You need to grant permission to such files manually by checking the allow installation from unknown sources in the security settings. The parsing error message would go as well. But if you haven’t got a solution yet, we have other methods to fix the issue.

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Method 4: Due to File Blocked by the System

If you have a message reading there was a problem parsing the package, it is entirely possible that you have some third-party programs installed on your device which have blocked the file to the Operating System. These third-party programs would have administrative access on your device, and hence, you are getting a parsing error.

The method to fix this issue requires you to disable administrative access from such programs. If needed, uninstall the third party programs with security functions. If these Programs don’t find a file or its source trusted, you won’t be able to parse the file.

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Method 5: Due to Alterations in the Manifest File

If you are a software developer and you keep on changing the code of the file, you must have encountered the famous parsing error message which reads there was a problem parsing the package. The users, who make alterations in the code of the file to disable ads, get some extra benefits or modifying the file from its original form need to take a look at the AndroidManifest.xml file.

It has all the essential information required by the Operating System to parse the file. To fix the issue, you need to change the file to its default form. You also need to make sure that the file name is same as the name of the original file with no modifications whatsoever. Once you do that, you would not face any error message regarding parsing.

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By now, one of the above-discussed methods would have fixed the there was a problem parsing the package issue. But, if the problem persists, try resetting the device and then attempt parsing the file. Many times some unknown issues also lead to parsing errors. After doing that, you have no reason to see the message there was a problem parsing the package.

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