There are many errors and bugs in Windows 10. One is the error of the Windows 10 weather app live tile is not working. However, it will not hinder your working or affect your activity on your PC. But it’s better to fix it. Also, fix “Twitch can’t find the error” by clicking here.

Corrupted system files may prevent tiles from appearing in the Windows 10 Start menu. Therefore, System File Checker may be the best Windows tool for this problem. Step 1: Open the Command Prompt (Admin) shortcut. Step 2: In the Command Prompt, type DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth and press Enter.

To know these ways mentioned above in detail, read this blog post; it will provide all the necessary information to fix the Windows 10 weather app live tile is not working error. 

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Necessary Information To Fix The Windows 10 Weather App

Let’s discuss some necessary Information to fix the Windows 10 weather app.

Update The App

The live tile of the Windows 10 weather app is frequently unresponsive because of an app bug. We always keep the app updated, which troubleshoots different bugs.

updating the weather app

So if any bug is created that is causing the Windows 10 weather tile not to work, then update the app. The Microsoft store is where you can update the app. So, launch the Microsoft Store, look up MSN Weather, and click on the update link if it’s available. Sometimes the Windows key does not work properly. Fix it before proceeding further.

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Set Location

Sometimes the error of the Windows 10 weather app live tile is not working can be fixed just by setting your location again.

set location in weather app in windows 10

To set the location again, open the app and Click on settings in the bottom left after launching it. You will see a Launch Location option. Beneath it, you will find a default location; choose it, scroll the list, and select your location. Click here to learn how to fix your Windows license will expire soon.

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Update The OS

The weather app can also be affected if the operating system is outdated, and you will see an error of the Windows 10 weather app live tile is not working. Go ahead and update your PC OS, and you might fix this error by doing so.

STEP 1: Select Update and Security from the options menu.

STEP 2: Press Check for updates; download it and reboot your system if available. If your Windows update is stuck, then read this article.

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Command Prompt

Running a Command prompt might also help to fix the weather app.

STEP 1: Press Windows+X and click on the Command prompt. w32tm resync

STEP 2: Type these in there. 

  • net start w32time
  • w32tm /resync

Step 3: Once both the commands execute, close it. And now, you can check if the problem persists. 

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Turning Off The Live Tile

Just as we sometimes fix a problem by simply rebooting our system. Fixing the Windows 10 weather app live tile is not working by turning it off and again on the app.

weather app live tile

You may easily disable the MSN Weather app by clicking the start button, selecting it from the context menu, and selecting more. Read this article to learn to fix the network’s proxy settings.

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Firewall Settings

Occasionally, the firewall settings can hinder the system’s smooth working of the weather app. So, fixing your firewall settings might help.

STEP 1: Open the Antivirus and select Protection antivirus and select protection

STEP 2: Go to Show General Rules in the Firewall

STEP 3: Find Windows Explorer traffic on HTTP and choose Allow. 

Run Troubleshoot 

  1. You can troubleshoot every built-in app of Windows 10. For troubleshooting the weather app:
  2. Search for troubleshooting windows in the search box of Settings. 
  3. Open the Find and Fix problems with Microsoft Store Apps in the options. 
  4. Click on advanced>Apply repairs automatically> Nextadvancedapply repairs automatically next
  5. Go through all the instructions accordingly, and the app will successfully troubleshoot. You can troubleshoot every built-in app of Windows 10. Click here to fix Windows 10 100% disk usage in the task manager.

Alter The Settings

If the Windows 10 weather app live tile is not working, you can sometimes fix it by altering the time zone and settings of the Clock.

Step 1: On the screen right, click on the bottom right on the Clock and select Adjust date/time option. A window will appear; turn off the set timezone and set the time automatically.  datetime option

Step 2: Set the timezone and time manually and reboot the system.  

Change The Live Tile Size

Firstly, many users have pointed out that the live tile issue that the Windows 10 tiles won’t open happens mostly with small or large live tile sizes.

live tile size

You can quickly resolve it. And you can efficiently resolve it by changing the tile size to medium or broad. However, you can resize it by right-clicking on the live tile you want to change the size of > selecting the resize option and choosing the size you wish, except the large one, and then Clear cache. Also, Fix the CSR8510 A10 Driver Error, Just by clicking it!

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Can I reset my weather app?

Yes, to reset your MSN weather app follow these not-so-hard steps. Open settings > opt for System > Apps & Features > navigate the Weather App > tap on Advanced options > Press Reset.

How can I in Windows 10 turn off all live tiles?

Launch the Start menu. To turn off a tile, click on it. Select 'more' Click 'Turn off the live tile'. Just repeat it for each tile. It is time-consuming; the other is using Regedit. You can use that if you want to speed up the process, though it's a little harder to follow along.

What is Live Tile in Windows 10?

Live tiles provide you with information in a visual format without going through the hassle of opening the app. Such as, in the live tile of the weather app, you can see the current weather and the forecast, the Calendar app tile displays the date and events if there are any on that day, news app live tile shows the latest headlines. If needed, you can change the tile sizes and remove the live app tile.

How to fix the weather live tile not working on Windows 10?

There is some problem with the live tiles in windows 10. The Windows 10 tile won't open—especially the live tile of the weather app. Follow any of the nine ways mentioned in this article, and you can be able to fix it.


To sum up, the Windows 10 MSN weather app has some bugs, causing the Windows 10 weather app to live tile is not working. This post will provide a detailed insight into nine ways to fix the weather app. Above all, these methods will be helpful and will solve your problem related to living weather lock screen and weather live tile. Want to fix the Windows 10 slow shutdown error? Read this.