ERR_NAME_RESOLUTION_FAILED error is a very common issue. But don’t worry, as we have 3 Ways to Fix the ERR_NAME_RESOLUTION_FAILED error. After following one of these ways, you will be able to overcome this problem.

err_name_resolution_failed error

“Obstacles in your path are not a barricading, but it is a check or an important measure to enhance your outcome.” –Benjamin Franklin.

Every day, we humans face many problems and obstacles, and we consider it a negation in our routine functioning. But the most crucial fact that we tend to forget is that these barricades help us enhance and improve the quality of one’s project. In the same sense, errors are also a kind of obstacle that can improve or augment one’s perspective and tend to deliver better results and outcomes for the future if treated with a proper set of instructions.

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This error’s most probable occurrence is found while operating Google Chrome in the Windows 10 operating system. It can take place because the webpage is temporarily blocked, or it has shifted to a new website, or in the worst case, they remove it permanently. The error err_name_resolution_failed in Chrome is a frequent error and needs to be treated as soon as possible. But, you do not need to take any tension or stress as long as we are ready to serve you as long as your needs sustain.

We are discussing the complete and fully operating solutions for the given error throughout the content. The primary and foremost reasons for the popping up of the errors are that the name of the host website you are trying to access cannot be resolved, or another possibility is that the server of that website is down. Many times, the misconfiguration of your router or modem adds to the problem. Hence, until there are more available solutions than more of the unknown reasons for its occurrences, you should be comfortable and relieved on your part. The best and the rest are assured from our side.

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Faithfully follow these steps with great care, and the other part of victory is fully guaranteed:

Method 1: Alter the DNS Address

Default by your Internet Service Provider feeds a DNS, and it can change if the user is facing any error or a problem. The DNS can be changed to a Public DNS server so that the error can be resolved. This step proves most of the success and will undoubtedly be of some help.

1. At First, Open the Network and Sharing Centre by right-clicking on the network icon on the bottom right corner of the taskbar.

Network and Sharing Center
Network and Sharing Center

2. Then, Select Change Adapter Settings from the left side. This would also help you fix DNS Address Could Not Be Found Error as well.

Change Adapter Settings
Change Adapter Settings

3. Navigate to Properties by right-clicking on the current Internet Connection being operated.

network adapter properties
network adapter properties

4. Choose Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) from the list and tap on Properties. Also, check for any DNS Server Not Responding Error.

Internet Protocol Version 4
Internet Protocol Version 4

5. Hit Use the Following DNS Server Addresses and then manually enter the following amendments:

Preferred DNS Server:
Alternate DNS Server:

Use the Following DNS Server Addresses
Use the Following DNS Server Addresses

6. Finally, Tap on OK, and that might be the fix for you.

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Method 2: Reset your browser, i.e., Google Chrome

A fresh start is all that can lead your rescue from the error err_name_resolution_failed in Chrome within a specified period. Put all your serious and vital efforts into taking over the error by following each step faithfully and correctly.

This will also help you Fix Err Connection Timed Out or Err_Connection_Reset Error in any.

1. Initiate Google Chrome and feed the following information in the address bar chrome://flags/ and hit Enter.

2. Then, From the right side corner, tap the Reset all to Default option.

chrome flags
chrome flags

3. Finally, Restart Chrome to check the resolution of the error with the execution of these steps.

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Method 3: Resetting Netsh Winsock

Every error has some of the other relations with Command Prompt, and in the same way, we can notice it with this error err_name_resolution_failed in Chrome. The Command Prompt is the biggest fear of the errors, and hence, we will utilize it to troubleshoot this error. Follow these steps precisely:

1. First, Hit Windows Key+X and select Command Prompt (Admin) from the visible list.

Select Command Prompt
Select Command Prompt

2. Then Enter the commands one after the other simultaneously, and press Enter key after each command enters:

First, ipconfig /release

ipconfig /all

ipconfig /flushdns

and lastly, ipconfig /renew


3. Once again, open the Command Prompt the same way as discussed above. Enter each of the commands simultaneously, one after the other-

  • netsh int IP set DNS
  • netsh winsock reset


4. After executing each of the commands successfully. Finally, Restart your system for obtaining the best results and out throwing the error err_name_resolution_failed in Chrome.

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Hence, we shared with you all the possible measures and remedial measures that are sufficient for troubleshooting the error err_name_resolution_failed in Chrome. A perfect and efficient following of the steps can undoubtedly throw the error out of your system. You would not ever see the error again shortly.

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