How To Turn An Old Satellite Dish Into A TV Antenna [Complete Guide]


Satellite televisions can put a little pressure on your pockets, and cutting the connection can restore a good amount of money into your household budget. To successfully receive the broadcast, what better way to do it than converting your satellite dish to an antenna? So, without a delay read this article to know how to turn an old satellite dish into a TV antenna.

You cannot literally transform your satellite dish into an outdoor TV antenna. However, if you use certain parts and rearrange them into a TV antenna, it provides you with cheaper/quicker TV channels. Find the TV towers, buy/assemble the right antenna, connect the cable to the coaxial ports, and you have turned your dish into an antenna. 

Because a satellite system already has all the required wiring and an antenna, it is sensible to transform the existing dish into a proper broadcasting television antenna. You can access over-the-air television programs for free. Also, you can use HughesNet internet for a smooth network.

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Converting a satellite dish to an antenna for TV

Many cable subscribers are trying to find more affordable alternatives for watching Sports, movies, news, and other content for free through over-the-air.satellite dish But what if you have reached this decision after being a satellite customer, and you already have a dish installed on your house roof?

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Method 1

Because the satellite system has standardized wiring and an antenna mounted, you can easily convert the dish to a TV antenna catching the signals. Follow these instructions step by step on how to turn an old Satellite Dish into a TV antenna.

Step1- place the satellite antenna onto the existing satellite dish. These are usually set up at the top of the round shape of the dish. But still read what their manual states and execute accordingly. antenna

Step2- Next, you will have to tighten its clamps to fix the antenna properly, so it does not move/fall. If you are still determining whether the antenna is tightly placed, use a plier to get it tighter. clamps

Step3- You have to remove the LNB (Low-noise block downconverter) of your satellite dish. LNB is the plastic part you can find at the satellite arm-end. Underneath the satellite’s arm, you will see a screw. Remove it and then pull out the LNB.remove lnb

Step4- the next step is disconnecting any wire/wires you find. If there is one, you can skip the following step. Otherwise, see the next step right below this.satellite dish with wires

Step5- (if you have a dish with 2 wires) Connect these from the dish to the output ports placed at the coaxial splitter. From the center of the cables, insert the pins inside the center of the output ports. Twist the cable’s ends to make sure they are in place. To the splitter’s input port, add the coaxial cable the same way. coax splitter

Step6- (if you have a single wire for the dish) connect the only wire from the coaxial splitter to its output port. You can find it on the TV antenna. connect coax to tv

Step7- on the satellite receiver/receivers, find where the coaxial input is. Disconnect the cable from here.coaxial input port Find the other coaxial input port of your TV where you will connect the cable. 

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Method 2

You can completely get rid of the dish by removing it and placing the antenna instead. The satellites have a mast and a dish assembly. Also, you can see how to fix the Message+ crash here.

If you know how to use your tools, are willing to go up your roof, and know how to turn an old satellite dish into a TV antenna, follow these steps carefully:

Step1- The first thing to get your mission going is to find nearby TV towers. The number of free channels appearing on your TV screen depends on you locating these towers successfully. If you are unsure where these TV towers are, you have to use a TV station locator. If you can find out what channels you are getting for free and whether they are worth the effort, go to Step2. network towers

Step2- Buy the OTA (Over-the-air) Antenna that is ideal for you. Research their range; ensure it is higher than your faraway TV tower. Antennas can work when they are directly in line with the signals emitted by the Broadcasting towers. To align it properly and get the signal, find the right type of OTA antenna.over the air antenna

Step3- If you buy an antenna that needs some assemblage, then get prepared with your tools. Read their manuals so that you get everything right. You can skip this step altogether by buying one that comes in one piece, no assembly needed. tools

Step4- Remove the LNB cap from the dish’s arm to see the coax cable. Unscrew this to remove it from the satellite’s arm. Now, carefully take off the round dish from its mast. Use a wrench to loosen the bolts that keep it firm.lnb cap Step5- set up your newly bought antenna on the mast of your previous dish. Use the mounting bracket and clamps to secure the antenna from falling out. If it does not fit, you can always buy a fitting from a shop to make adjustments. mast

 Step6- based on your research of locating the TV towers, point the antenna in the right direction. A compass can be useful here too. Identify which part of the antenna is front and position it accurately. satellite dish

Step7- connect the coaxial cable previously disconnected from the dish to the new antenna.connect coxial cable to tv The other end connects with your set-top box/TV directly. Turn on your TV and run whatever channels work for you. You might need extra help to adjust the antenna for higher quality. 

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Why are people dropping cable TV?

Usually, cable TV subscribers are subjected to too many advertisements. It is like, after every 10 mins of watching your favorite show, you need to sit and watch 4 minutes of ads. With the emergence of streaming sites with minimal to no ads, people are dropping cable TV subscriptions.

Is cable TV going to disappear?

According to, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has said (as per his latest conference in July 2022) that streaming will soon cause the cable to go extinct within the next 5 to 10 years. Nowadays, cable TV is not only expensive but also comes with lots of ads. These make cable undesirable nowadays.

How can I get rid of cable and still watch TV?

You can find how to turn an old satellite dish into a TV antenna to watch free channels. Otherwise, the most common alternative is to use a streaming device. Whether it is a smart TV, Fire TV, Apple TV, or a game console, these will replace the need for a cable box. Subscribe to these streaming devices to watch Netflix, HBO Maxx, and others.

What is the cheapest way to watch regular TV?

The TV services that are the cheapest are usually the free ones like Xumo and Pluto TV. Next comes the most affordable services like Sling, Philo and Frndly TV. Subscribe to these services instead to save considerably.


This article has given you the full guide on how to turn an old satellite dish into a TV antenna. If you follow these instructions really well and research the right antennas, you can access most of the TV channels for free, if not all of them. Save money and watch your TV smartly.

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