What a Pro Gamer Wants in His Gaming Station


If you’re into gaming and want to set your station up to include all the items needed to boost you into the pro-gamer arena, then it’s time to switch things up. If you want to have a completely immersive pro-gaming experience, then there are a couple of things that you need to do to have the perfect pro-gaming station. Let’s check out what a pro gamer wants.

Pro Gamer Wants
Pro Gamer Wants

Gaming Desk

The gaming desk is going to be the center of all the action because this is where you’re going to have the majority of your main setup installed. This is something that a pro gamer wants and this is why you must get the right kind of desk.

gaming desk
Gaming Desk

It’s essential that you look into the variety of best desks for gaming that is available in the market. You need to be aware of the space you have and how you want to set it up to be able to make the right decision.

Gaming Chair

As a gamer, you tend to spend a considerable amount of time sitting and playing. So, pro gamer wants the right kind of gaming chair. It needs to be comfortable, and you’ll want to look into the reclining and flexible kind in terms of movement so that you can gain the maximum experience from your gaming.

gaming chair
Gaming Chair

You don’t want to be dealing with aches and pains all over your body because the chair your picked was not convenient and made for gaming.

Speakers & Headphones

Having an impressive surround sound system installed is vital in having a complete gaming experience. This a kind of an experience a pro gamer wants every time s/he plays.

speakers & headphones
Speakers & Headphones

Pro gamers need to have excellent speakers that are set up around the room to give them surround sound so that they can become immersed in the games that they are playing. You also need to have a decent pair of gaming headphones with a right mic in case you’re playing live or don’t want to use the speakers.


Naturally, if you’re going to invest in a sound system, then it’s advisable that you look into getting the gaming room soundproof. This is something not what a pro gamer wants, but needs.


It can help you really enjoy the effects to the max. And also so you do not have to worry about the rest of the household or the neighbours complaining about the noise coming from the room. Gaming can become intense, and the noise could be a disturbance for other people, so it’s essential to consider that.

TV or Projector

If you want to take yourself to the pro level, then an average PC screen just won’t cut it. To get into the mood of proper pro-gaming pro gamer wants something extravagant. You need to consider getting a more giant TV or even a projector so that you can have the all-inclusive gaming experience.

tv or projector
TV or Projector

You’ll want to make sure that you have enough space and that you set up the room correctly to accommodate the screen in a way that fits in with the rest of the setup. Many gamers also like to have several screens set up on and above their gaming desks to help them play live games in a more immersive way. It makes things more transparent and gives it much more dimension.

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Lighting is essential to the pro-gaming experience. If the lights are too bright or position incorrectly, they could ruin how you play and how you see the game and the effects and colors. The accuracy of lightings is what a pro gamer wants.


Try to get rid of the ceiling lighting if it’s placed in the center of the ceiling, and look into getting more subtle lighting arranged and set up in a way that sets the mood so that what’s on the screen is the center of attention.


There’s no question about the fact that as a pro gamer, you’re going to have a lot of installation to deal with. A pro gamer wants a clean and vibing aesthetic.


So it’s important that when setting up your station, you keep the wiring arranged in a way that doesn’t look messy. Tie them or have them arranged and placed in a way where they won’t be harmful to anyone and so that no one can trip over them by accident.

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What is gaming without your consoles? Make sure that you have shelving put in to hold your consoles in a convenient place, preferably off the ground and away from any possible damage. This remain one of the most important things in the list of what a pro gamer wants.

console shelving
Console Shelving

Creating your gaming station is going to be a ton of fun, and it will look amazing once you have all the right elements put in place. Try your best to keep food and drink out of this room, or have it kept safely on a side table, so you don’t risk damaging any of the equipment.


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