CleanMyMac X Review: An All-in-One Mac Cleanup App


One of the major problems that you face when using a system for a long time is the system running out of the memory of the system slowing down. Well, both these problems go hand in hand. Your system still might display the full memory message even after you deleted all the major files. Alternatively, your system may again be running slower, also after you cleared out most of the CPU consuming operations. This is mainly because of the hidden files that might be present on your system.

When you download files from the Internet, you might sometimes forget about them with time. This comes back and effects your system’s memory when you most need it. Finding these files is not a cake walk either. Searching for hours and hours for some of the files is not an excellent leisure job that you want to do.

So how to clean up these old files on your Mac? How to increase the system’s runtime? Moreover, the biggest question lies in How to do it smartly? The answer is MacPaw. MacPaw’s product, CleanMyMac X Review, is a software which can do all the tiring work that needs to be done to maintain your Mac in good health.

What is CleanMyMac X?

CleanMyMac X is a software offered by world renown company MacPaw. CleanMyMac X does much work on your Mac and covers multiple service areas that a Mac would need. The most prominent and useful feature of CleanMyMac X is its clean memory ability.

cleanmymac x review
CleanMyMac X review

This software uses advanced technology to find junk files. Usage of this software is quite simple. You need to push the button and Baam! All your junk files are cleared from your Mac. This makes CleanMyMac X user-friendly software. The elegant and straightforward interface makes the software easily usable.

What does CleanMyMac X Offer?

CleanMyMac X offers a wide range of features with a single software. The most pro one as mentioned already is the memory clean feature which works like a charm and makes your Mac much faster than it used to be within seconds.

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The simple design of the interface also speeds up the process by reducing the time taken for the user to understand the software. The remaining features of this software are listed below.

CleanMyMac X
CleanMyMac X

Application Interface – User-Friendly Software

This software has a simple and elegant interface which speeds up the work. Everything you need to make your Mac healthy is right there on the screen. Uninstaller, Antivirus, Junk cleaner, everything is in the visible area, which makes this software highly user-friendly.

Application Management

The software also works excellently to identify and remove the unnecessary apps in your Mac. There is a similar feature in some Android Phones, but there is no such pre-loaded feature in Mac OS. This feature identifies the unnecessary apps present on your Mac. Those might be the apps that you never used. The software uninstalls those programs or apps immediately from the system, making room for new apps.

This function of application management also has another feature. Now, since the apps that are not required are gone, this gets us to the part of the useful apps. This software also installs updates to the useful apps in your Mac. This helps you get your work done much quickly and elegantly on the system.

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The best thing about Thai feature is that it never deleted anything without asking you. Even though the software is prepared with extensive effort to classify which file is bad and which is good, it still asks for your permission actually to delete the app.

With this software, you can detect the hidden files which are causing a burden on your Mac. In most of the cases, it is the hidden files that occupy most of the memory. It takes much time if you try to search and delete these files manually. Hence CleanMyMac X comes into the play here. It does all of this work with a single tap and within mere seconds.

Protection from Virus – The Antivirus

CleanMyMac X also offers you the best antivirus in the same package. Mac is usually safer than Windows, but there is still a chance that it gets attacked by dangerous viruses. Well, with CleanMyMac in your hand, the chances of your Mac getting attacked by viruses become minimum.

Protection from Virus
Protection from Virus

This Antivirus software fights all Kind of vulnerabilities in your Mac. The team at the MacPaw regularly updates their database to detect new kinds of viruses. It’s like you have a doctor on your computer. The in-depth scan by the Antivirus detects even viruses like ransom wares, etc.

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Usually, you need to download multiple softwares to do all the work that CleanMyMac X does. Downloading various softwares, however, causes memory problems and might be responsible for your Mac running slow. Thus MacPaw eliminated the need for downloading and managing multiple softwares with CleanMyMac X.

Language Support

Are you French and unable to find a great app that runs in your language? No problem. CleanMyMac X works in 13 major languages around the world. This includes French German, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, etc. This multi-language support increased the global rating of the software.

Smart Scan

The smart scan is an innovative feature provided in CleanMyMac X by MacPaw. This scan does all your work in a time-saving manner. With a smart scan, you can detect the junk, malware, and speed up your mac. This innovative feature is a result of thousands of hours of experience and Hard work to make our lives easier.

Smart Scan
Smart Scan

CleanMyMac X Pricing and Plans

MacPaw provides multiple plans which ensure the safety and speed of your system. The plans and pricing for the CleanMyMac X are listed below:

CleanMyMac X for Business

We all know how important it is to keep our computers at work, running faster and smoother. CleanMyMac X ensures the same, with its business plan. This plan includes some of the best features that you need to keep a Mac running faster.

Pricing and Plans
Pricing and Plans
  • Space Cleanup the most prominent feature is available in this plan.
  • There is a great feature called Shredder, which erases all the sensitive file information forever from your computer.
  • Application management comes in the form of large and old files deletion and automatic updater.
  • Privacy cleanup to erase any activity both online and offline.
  • Finally, a system health monitor to continually observe and improve the running state of your Mac.

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This plan costs $39.95 per annum per Mac, and you can review any significant update for free with his plan. Alternatively, you can choose to buy a permanent subscription at $89.95. However, you need to pay to get updates with this plan.

CleanMyMac X for Academia

A better learning environment also needs fast running systems. CleanMyMac X is the best chalice for this. At the same cost that you pay for a business plan, you get many additional features with this plan. Software management is the best of these features which lets you delete all the old and unused softwares on your Mac. This plan also had all the features of the Business plan.

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The pricing for this software is the same as that of the business plan. It costs $39.95 per annum per Mac, which comes with free updates. The permanent plan costs $89.95 per Mac with paid updates option. The flexibility in the plans and reasonable pricing is also one of the reasons that this software is a big hit.


CleanMyMac X is the best software you need to keep your Mac running at its best. With the best protection, this software also speeds up your Mac by almost five times and lets you have additional memory space for desperate times. The easily understandable interface of the app adds more points to it. Providing these many features in a single app is a great deal from MacPaw.


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