iTunes Could Not Backup The iphone Because The Backup Session Failed: Fixed


Are you facing this problem “iTunes could not backup the iphone because the backup session failed”, the procedure has its challenges? Users frequently describe various iTunes-related issues on online tech forums like Apple Communities. So read on if you’re having trouble recovering your device via iTunes. Some of the most typical iTunes issues are listed, along with suggested fixes.

Your device can be connected through Wi-Fi, USB, USB-C cable, or both. Quickly addressing this, Link your device to the computer you typically use for syncing. Click the Device button at the top of the iTunes window in the PC’s iTunes software. Next, select Summary before selecting Back Up Now (below Backups).

If you’re having trouble syncing or restoring your iPhone, i.e., the sync session failed to finish. In that case, it may be because the latest iOS and older backups are incompatible or the faulty iPhone backup. Most likely, system bugs or the incompatibility of the previous backups are to blame if the iTunes backup of your iPhone failed. This top 10 list includes some of the most frequent issues with iTunes backup and restores and some of the best fixes.

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Top 10 Issues With iTunes Backup and Its Fixes

Here is the list of the top 10 issues with iTunes backup. The list also provides ways to fix these issues.

The computer was unable to save the backup.

The error message iTunes could not restore the iphone because the backup session failed is the one that will appear the most frequently. You can attempt the following steps to try and resolve this issue.itunes could not backup the iphone because the backup session failed

  • Restart your PC and your iOS device.
  • Try to create the backup once more after restarting both devices.
  • Refresh iTunes
  • Additionally, your iTunes may need to be updated. The best option is to delete iTunes and download the most recent version from the Apple website rather than updating iTunes directly.
  • Verify the Security settings.
  • Your computer’s security program might prevent the backup from happening. Therefore, you should either temporarily deactivate any virus protection you use or update it before trying the backup.
  • Change the Backup File’s name.

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There needs to be more space on this computer

Do you frequently get problems like “iTunes just can not backup your iPhone when there isn’t enough space left on this computer” despite knowing that you have plenty of space when you attempt to back up your apple device? 

  1. Try backing up again after restarting the computer and the device. Try these techniques:backup pc
  2. Verify that the computer and the device are connected properly. Verify that the USB cables are functioning properly. Even better would be to switch the cords you’re using.
  3. Remove faulty backups.
  4. They might prevent you from developing any new ones. Select a backup file to remove by going to iTunes > Preferences > Devices to accomplish this.
  5. Refresh iTunes
  6. Additionally, make sure iTunes is up to date. If not, make an update.

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iTunes was unable to identify your device

Itunes could not back up the iphone because the backup session failed. If your device is connected to your computer, you can try the following things, but iTunes cannot recognize it (you don’t see the iPhone icon).

  • Restart your computer and the device.
  • Verify that iTunes is running at the most recent version. Update iTunes if necessary before attempting again.
  • Ensure that the iOS device trusts your PC. Unlock the device when requested, then select “Trust.”
  • Install the Apple Mobile Device Driver, if necessary. Usually, this pertains to Windows users. To guarantee that you have the required drivers, follow these instructions.

Step 1: After communing the device to your pc, shut down iTunes when it launches.connect to computer

Step 2: To launch “Device Manager,” simultaneously press “Windows Logo” and “R.” Type “devmgmt.msc” in the window that displays, then click “OK.”type devmgmt.msc

Step 3: The “Apple Mobile Device USB Driver” should be mobile device usb driver It will be under “Universal Serial Bus controllers.”

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Corrupted Lockdown Folder

It’s probable that the lockdown folder, a protected folder on your computer containing temporary data (your syncing data), is faulty, due to which apple backup corrupts, which is why you are having issues with your iTunes backup. As a result, the Lockdown folder needs to be deleted. Here’s how to achieve it on Apple and Windows computers.

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Users of Windows

Since iTunes will generate the folder again, you may delete it in Windows. To do it, simply pursue these steps.

Step 1: For Windows 8 or 10, click on the search. Users using Windows 7 should click Start to access the search bar

Step 2: Enter after typing “Program Data”search program data

Step 3. After deleting the Lock down, open the Apple apple folder For this, you should be signed in as the administrator.

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Apple users

For Mac users, you will purge the lockdown folder of all its contents while leaving the folder alone.

Step 1: Click “Go” and then “Go to Folder” from the Finder.

Step 2: After typing “/var/db/lockdown,” press lockdown folder

Step 3: To delete all the files, select them folders Keep the lockdown folder intact.

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Conflicting Security Software with iTunes

Your security program likely obstructs communication between your machine and Apple servers. Itunes could not back up the iphone because the backup session failed. If generating a backup is giving you trouble, or if iTunes won’t remember the device. check network connection

Check the following:

  • Your security software needs to be updated. 
  • Try temporarily uninstalling the software if that doesn’t work. 
  • Check for Windows or OS X system updates.
  • Verify that the PC’s date & time are correct.

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The device isn’t compatible with the Requested Build.

Many users run into this issue when they attempt to restore the device in iTunes. What you can do is as follows. A message stating, “could not back up iphone because backup session failed,” may appear. The requested build is ineligible for the device.

First, update iTunes. Check the hotelkeeper docs to ensure your pc is in touch with Apple servers once you are certain iTunes is up to current. To do that, just adhere to these easy guidelines.

Step 1. Open Finder and select Applications. Select “Terminal. app” after selecting Utilities terminal

Step 2. Type Sudo nano/private/etc/hosts and press enter. Enter login credentials when asked.type sudo nanoprivateetchosts

Step 3: Use the arrow keys to find “,” and then begin the entry with the # sign, a space, and (“#”).search in files

Step 4: Press Ctrl O to save the document & press return when asked whether you want to rename it. Press Control-X to shut down the editor and restart the doc

Try again to restore the device.

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A faulty or incompatible iTunes backup. 

This is another frequent iTunes problem. You could not backup the iphone because the backup session failed, which is why iTunes could not restore the device the first time you tried.

Before making a backup and fixing the device, you must first delete the corrupt backup files to resolve this issue. Simply follow these simple instructions to erase the faulty backup files.

Step 1. On the iTunes interface, choose “edit,” then click “Preferences.” Click on “iTunes” after launching it.corrupt backup

Step 2. Locate your device in backup listings to remove the outdated device Then choose it.

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Firmware File Incompatibility

iTunes could not back up the iphone because the backup session failed. This issue may arise when using iTunes to update and restore your smartphone. Try these fixes:

  • Restart the computer and the device.
  • Your computer’s antivirus program should be disabled.
  • Reinstall or update iTunes
  • Try downloading the correct Firmware file for your device if none of those mentioned above solutions still need to be fixed. 

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The actions listed below will help you.

Step 1. Visit and choose the device you want to download from the homepage. Depending on the model of the device and the iOS version, you can choose the appropriate ipsw file.visit ipsw downloader

Step 2. Once the firmware file has been downloaded, attach the device to the PC & launch iTunes. In iTunes, select the device’s icon, hold down the Option key (Shift on a PC), then select “Update” or “Restore.downloaded ipsw

Step 3. Click “Choose” to choose the downloaded ipsw file.itunes repaired Then let the device update normally.

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Not enough storage to Restore on the iPhone or iPad.

Try the subsequent fixes if you try to restore the iphone, but iTunes says there isn’t sufficient space in the phone, even if there is.

  • Update iTunes and install the most recent version of iOS.
  • Restart the gadget, and your PC.
  • Your computer’s security software may need to be updated or removed.

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Communication issues with Apple servers

While updating or restoring your phone via iTunes, you could occasionally run into issues getting the latest current iOS hardware or establishing a connection to verify the restore process.connection error Verify the functionality of your internet connection. Verify that your router is in working order. Your systems might only sometimes be the issue. Verify that the Apple servers are up and running. To verify that everything is functioning properly, go to

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How do I force iTunes to backup my iPhone?

You can connect to the computer by using USB and backup your iPhone.

Why does my backup keep failing?

It can be due to media failures or any manual errors. Other reason may be due to hardware failure.

Can I backup my iPhone to my computer instead of iCloud

Yes. You can backup your iphone to computer rather than iCloud by syncing it.

Is it better to backup iPhone to iCloud or iTunes?

It is better to icloud than iTunes because it gives the choice of backing up all the apps, purchased and downloaded, unlike iTunes.


Due to an unsuccessful iTunes backup session, you can experience issues backing up or restoring your iPhone. These are just a few of the frequent issues that might arise while using iTunes. The stuff up top contains the solutions. You could resolve the iTunes problem independently or with other expert tools. We hope you find a fix for your specific issue “iTunes could not backup the iphone because the backup session failed.”

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