Methods To Fix PS4 Error su424819


The hype about video games is increasing very rapidly. Every teenager, people in their 20’s and even 30’s, are getting fond of playing video games. Every second youtube channel available is about live streaming and playing video games. PS4 is one of the famous video games, but it can also face some errors, and one of the common errors is ps4 error su424819.

Games and video games are becoming a source of distraction from the outer world to relax and enjoy some quality time. It gives an opportunity for people to sit and play with friends or family members as multiple players can play a video game. Not only fun, but playing games, recording them, and uploading them on youtube or social platforms is becoming a job for many people. One of the famous video game brands is PlayStation. Sony Interactive Entertainment is the one that produces this brand. Video game comes up with game consoles, media centers, and handhelds. PS4 is one of them. PS4 provides us with a lot of benefits and fun at the same time, but it can face some errors too. One such error is PlayStation error su-42481-9.

In this article, we will look at what is error su-42481-9, the various causes behind this error, and different methods to resolve the ps4 error su424819. 

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More About PS4

PS4 was launched in the market in the year 2013 on November 15 after PS3. The PS4 is comparatively cheaper than the rest of the video games because the hardware for the PS4 is similar to the ones of modern computers. This helps the game studio to develop new games for the PS4 easily and cost-efficiently. If you are a beginner and is searching for a good video game console, then PS4 is a great option. ps4

All the components and features and its hardware completes it as a video game for the next generations. It provides us with a great stability feature in its games. The system of PS4 comes up with all the things you need to connect it for use. Despite all the advantages and comfort a PS4 console provides us, it is still not error-free. And one of the common errors is error su-42481-9.

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What Are The Reasons Behind The PS4 Error su424819

Before jumping to the various methods to fix our error, we will see what can be the reasons behind this error. And this error occurs when you try to update your PS4 software, and the reasons can be-

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PlayStation Servers

The PlayStation Network (PSN) servers can have some problems, preventing a suitable file you require for the updation of the software of PS4.problem in psn servers

PSN is a service for online gaming for the PlayStations.

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Poor Network

A poor network can also be the reason behind the ps4 error su424819. It is mainly because a poor network causes the interruption between the PSN server and the PS4 consoles, which further stops the software from updating.

Corrupted Files

It is possible that the PS4 has some corrupted files in it, and that is the reason behind the su-42481-9 ps4 error.

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How To Resolve Error Code su-42481-9

After discussing the reasons that lead to the error, we will now look at some easy and simple methods to resolve your error that saves your time and do not require much hustle. Read this article, if you also want to know how to fix ps4 corrupted database.

Restarting PS4

Restarting a device is the simplest yet effective way to resolve any error. To remove the ps4 error su424819, you can shut down the ps4 completely and restart it. Restarting a device helps in removing some temporary bugs and removing the error. The steps are-

  1. Your controller will have a PS button on it. Press it, and a Quick Menu will open on your PS4.
  2. Search for the Power tab using the d-pad.restart ps4
  3. Select the option of restarting PS4 and wait for the process to complete.

Checking Servers

PSN servers play an important role in the proper functioning of the console and downloading important files. It is possible that the PSN server is facing some issues. If yes, then you have to wait for the problem to get resolve and then update your software.psn server

You can check the status of the server by visiting PlayStation dedicated page and can check whether the servers are working or are down. If the servers are working, you should follow different methods to resolve your error.

Network Connections

PS4 error su424819 can occurs while updating the files due to poor or unstable network connection or the slow internet. You can check your connection on PlayStation by a speed test. The steps are-

  1. Open the setting on your PS4.
  2. Click on network and then select Test Internet Connection.internet test
  3. If the test shows an internet problem, then you can try restarting your PS4 or your router to resolve network issues.

Checking The Storage

It is possible that your PS4 is not having enough space for the file to get the download. A simple step to increase the storage space is by uninstalling the applications or games you are not using for once. You can reinstall them later once the file is installed. You can easily delete a game. The steps are-

  1. On your PS4, go to the main screen. Select some games you can delete for once.
  2. Highlight them using your PS4 controller and press the options button.uninstall games
  3. Select the delete from the side menu that will appear and confirm it.

Updating PS4 In Safe Mode

You can update your PS4 manually in safe mode. You must follow all the instructions carefully to avoid any issue or problem. Before starting, take a flash drive and download the update file in it. Now the further steps are-flash drive

  1. Please turn off your PS4 completely and connect the flash drive with it.
  2. Now continuously weigh the power button for some seconds until you hear two beep sounds coming from your PS4.
  3. After the beeping sound, connect your controller with it using cables and activate it using the PS button.
  4. Safe mode will execute, and now choose the option- update system software and then update from the USB storage mode
  5. Continue the process and download the update file on your PS4 to update it without ps4 error su424819.

Power Cycle

Power cycling is a process of shutting down the device, disconnecting all the cables, and waiting for a few minutes to let all the power drain out completely. You can try power cycling the PS4 to resolve the error. The steps are- 

  1. Shut down your PS4 completely, and now unplug all the wires and cables from an outlet for power draining.
  2. Continuously press the power button for at least 30 seconds and then wait for 5 minutes.power cycling
  3. Reconnect all the wires and start your PS4 again and check if the error still persists or not.

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Is manually updating PS4 safe?

Yes, the manually updating process is safe to use. Just make sure the flash drive you are using is not having any virus or any sort of corrupted file in it.

What are PSN servers?

PSN servers stand for PlayStation servers which help the PlayStation and all the consoles to work properly when playing online games and also allow it to download necessary files in it.

Can I remove the PlayStation error by myself?

Yes, it is very simple to remove the PlayStation errors. Just follow the step-by-step instructions, and you will definitely be able to resolve the error and continue updating your PS4 software.

Are PlayStations fun to play?

Yes, PlayStation is not a simple video game. The graphics and the sound effect makes the video games too real, and you think you are a part of it. It is fun to play games on PlayStations, and if you are fond of video games, you should give it a try.


It can be very frustrating if you want to relax playing a video game on PS4, and it shows the ps4 error su424819. The above steps will help you resolve this error easily and independently. If still, the error remains, you can try connecting the PlayStation and report your problem on the official website. PlayStations have the facilities to help their customers get rid of their situation. 

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