What To Do When You Can’t Hear People on Discord | Easy Steps Fix


The internet has opened various options for connecting with people far from us. One of the most used applications is Discord. It lets you associate formally and informally with people. You can text, call and create groups on Discord. It allows voice and video calls, whichever you prefer. And one of the common problems you might have encountered is that you can’t hear people on Discord.


Technology cannot always play perfectly; however, you can fix it. Similarly, discord might have given you some error or any specific function is not working as it should be. You may need to fix the Discord voice if people can’t hear you.


Follow these easy steps to switch on the Legacy Audio Subsystem and fix the problem:

  1. First, open the Discord app on your PC.open discord app
  2. Now click on the settings icon.
  3. Under App Settings, find and open Voice & Video.
  4. Now, Scroll down to Audio Subsystem.
  5. Open the down arrow and choose the Legacy option.
  6. Click on OK to confirm. Now the app will restart itself.

Keep reading the article to learn more about how to fix when not being able to hear on discord.

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What Services Does The Discord Provide?

People above the 13 age group freely use Discord to connect and utilize their time in creating better communities. They can discuss homework and projects, family trips, health problems, and a lot more.

discord features

Discord is a free app where you have servers, channels, DM, and GDM. Let us understand each of them.

  1. Servers: These are the spaces made by a group of people or a community. Servers are invite-only, and some large servers are public. You can simply start a server for free and invite people.
  2. Channels: In channels, you use the text and call service. They can have a particular topic following some rules. Using chat, you can share files, photos, and messages. The calling service provides you with two options: voice call and video call. While making a video call, you can also share your screen with other participants in real-time. It is also known as Go Live.
  3. DM & GM: DM allows you to send Direct Messages to anyone that will be private. On the other hand, GM allows you to create a group of a maximum of 9 people. It requires an invitation from someone in the group.

Discord also has a premium subscription as well, Nitro. It provides additional services like:premium subscription

  1. Different options to customize to Discord tag.
  2. Use custom emotes in every server.
  3. Upload high-capacity files.
  4. Get discounts on server boosts.

All these features make people love Discord so much. Although, the free services give enough freedom to the users. A Premium subscription adds more value to the services. 

However, sometimes you must have asked why can’t I hear anyone on Discord. Continue reading the article to figure out the solutions. Read this article, if you want to fix the Discord won’t open an error.

Visit: Discord

Discord Settings to Fix Audio

Different methods exist to fix your audio when you can’t hear a voice in discord. The steps mentioned above should fix the problem. However, sometimes you need to change some other settings to fix it. These methods are also easy to follow and apply.

Try the below methods only when one of the methods doesn’t work.

Discord Output Settings

When your discord output is not working, follow these steps:

  1. Follow the first three steps of the Legacy Audio Subsystem setting.
  2. Find Voice Settings and check that the correct input and output devices are selected.
  3. Now perform a mic to confirm if it’s working fine.discord output settings
  4. Now in the Input Mode, you need to choose Voice Activity.
  5. Disable the Automatically Determine Input Sensitivity button.

Now you should reopen the app and check if the Discord output is working or not. 

Reset the Discord Settings

You might need to reset the audio settings if you still can’t hear people on Discord.

  1. Perform the first three steps of the Legacy Audio Subsystem setting.
  2. Now scroll down to find and select the Reset Voice Settings option.reset discord settings
  3. Click Ok on the dialogue box.

These steps will refresh the Discord app and settings. If you face the same issue after resetting, follow the above methods again.

Reinstall Discord

You might need to reinstall the Discord if the change in Legacy Audio Subsystem and other settings doesn’t help resolve the issue. The reason could be that your app needs to be updated or refreshed to work fine.reinstall discord

Before uninstallation, save the necessary or backup files if you haven’t already. This way, you will lose your important data. When you reinstall the Discord, clean the local files so they cannot retain the same issues. After reinstallation, check the audio; you should be able to hear people on Discord. If still, you hear no audio from Discord, jump on to the next fixes.

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PC Audio Affecting the Sound in Discord

You must have tried everything with Discord settings and still face the same issue. The problem might not be in the Discord but on your PC. Apply the below methods on your PC if you can’t hear people on Discord.

PC sound settings

If the Discord settings don’t solve the problem, you should try these troubleshooting steps.

  1. On your Task Bar, in the search box, type and open Sound Input Device Properties.
  2. Choose the device from the list you are using.
  3. Now, return to the Task Bar and click on the Speaker icon to open Sounds.
  4. In that window, click on the Recording tab and look for your headset.sound settings
  5. If it doesn’t show up, right-click on the window and open Show Disabled Devices.
  6. Now right-click on your headset to choose Enable option.
  7. Now select Apply and Ok.

It will set your headset as the input device, and you’ll be able to hear the voice on discord. Check this out, if your computer cannot recognize your headphones.

Audio Driver

Well, your audio driver might need some fixes if all of the above methods have failed for you. You need to update your Audio Driver to solve this problem once and for all. 

You should follow this step when you can’t hear people on Discord and try other ways to resolve your problem. There are two ways to update your Audio Drivers, Manually and Automatic Driver updates.

audio driver

The easiest and recommended method is updating through Automatic Driver. When you try to update it manually through Device Manager, most of the time, you won’t get any updates. Besides, the Automatic Driver update will automatically work for you by going through your system. 


What is discord?

Discord is a famous application that is useful to have voice or text chat with people, close relatives, friends and communities.

Is the application free to use?

Yes, the application provides a free service. Its like a free chatting application connecting you with different people.

Is the process of solving error free?

Yes, almost all the methods include a changes in the settings of the PC and that are simpler and free process unless you are required to make changes in your system hardware

Is the application safe to use?

Yes, the discord has proper privacy settings and its safer to use. Moreover, you are asked to only accept the request and talk to the people you know and trust


Machines, apps, and other technical tools will fail many times. And the solution to every problem is out there. You just need to look for it and apply. Similarly, all the information in this article is to solve the issue that you can’t hear people on Discord. 

These are the common troubleshooting steps to follow when your audio gets interrupted, or it doesn’t work at all. Read this article, to fix your Mic on Discord. One of the above methods should work, and you should be able to use Discord audio again. 

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