8 Ways to Fix Microphone Not Working in Windows 10

For users who upgraded their system to Windows 10, they have complained about the error of internal microphone not working anymore. The apps you have installed on your Windows 10 will not encounter your internal microphone and if you change the BIOS setting, it’s not enough to get this issue of the microphone not working fixed. Windows 10 doesn’t work efficiently with specific recording devices even if the devices are built into the system.

First of all, make sure to check that it’s not the hardware issue because it is noticed that most of the errors are caused with the microphone are due to the Settings issue and not the microphone itself. So, it’s better to check that your microphone is not faulty or damaged. You can quickly do that by connecting the microphone to another system and if it doesn’t work then entirely it’s an issue with your faulty microphone! The issue of Microphone not working is a recurring problem in Windows 10. A number of audio issues with Windows 10 leaving people unable to use certain apps, unable to play videos or hear anything from speakers.

The most common source of sound issue is poor communication between chip or sound card and Windows 10. This usually leads to failure of your sound or say microphone. Windows will not always search the right audio drivers by own. So, it’s better to visit manufacturer’s site for the sound card. But fortunately, there are several ways to make your sound and Windows 10 hardware compatible. For this, all you need is search for the right updates! There are many reasons for Microphone not working in Windows 10 like incorrect microphone settings, hardware problems, broken drivers, etc.

How to Fix Microphone Not Working in Windows 10

If you are facing this issue of Microphone not working in Windows 10, then you could try these 8 solutions below to fix your microphone.

Solution 1: Reset Windows Audio Service

This service is authorized for sound on your system that includes recording as well! So, if something goes wrong with this service, you will be facing the issue of microphone. To resolve this issue, go through the below-given steps:

• At First, Go to “Search” then type “services.msc.”
• Open the “Services” and search for “Windows Audio” service.
• If it’s not enabled, right-click on it and choose “Start” or “Restart,” if it is enabled.
• After the process finishes, finally, restart your system.

Solution 2: Change the format of Audio

• At First, Right-click on the “Sound” icon from the taskbar.
• Choose “Recording devices.”
• Right-click on “Microphone” and go through “Properties.”
• Go to “Advanced” tab and from the “Default Format,” select any other frequency.
• Finally, Save the changes and restart your system.

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Solution 3: Check the hardware

This can be a reason for the error related to your microphone. Ensure to check hardware of your system or it’s better to check microphone on your PC. Though it’ll be time taking or complicated for new users, but it’s better than going outside for repairing!

Solution 4: Uninstall or reinstall your microphone drivers

• At First, In the search bar, type “Device manager.”
• Within “Device manager,” choose “Audio inputs and outputs.”
• Click on your microphone and choose “Uninstall.”
• Disconnect your microphone physically from your system.
• Restart your system.
• Reconnect your Microphone and let the Windows to reinstall your drivers.
• If it not works, then install the latest driver from manufacturer’s site.

Solution 5: Disable the Audio Enhancements

Although, the feature of Audio Enhancement can improve the sound experience of your system, it can also be an issue or problem for microphone. So, disabling the “Audio Enhancements” can solve the microphone issue.

• At First, Right-click on “Sound” icon from the taskbar.
• Choose “Recording devices.”
• Right-click on “microphone” and select “Properties.”
• Go to “Enhancements” tab and check whether the “Sound effects” is disabled or not.
• Finally, Save the changes.

Solution 6: Use the Troubleshooter

If you are using Windows 10, you may have a new troubleshooting instrument designed to agree with different system related issues which include recording and sound problems also. Below are the steps to turn on the Troubleshooter-
• At First, Choose “Settings.”
• Go to “Update and Security” then “Troubleshoot.”
• Search for “Recording Audio” and choose “Run the Troubleshooter.”
• Proceed with further instructions.
• Finally, Restart your system.

Solution 7: Turn on Microphone in Settings of Windows 10

Apart from the above issues, this error can also be linked to the microphone settings. So, turning on your microphone can help you out from this issue.

• At First, Press the Windows shortcut “Windows key” along with “I” to open the Settings.
• Choose “Privacy” menu.
• In the left-side, you will see an option of “Microphone.” Click it to view its description.
• Now, turn on your Microphone which is at the right-side of the displayed screen.

Also, you can disable or enable the apps to use the mic.

Solution 8: Update Windows 10 high definition audio device

• At First, Search for “Device manager” from start menu.
• Find your audio driver.
• Right-click on your audio driver and choose “Update driver software.”
• You will get to see many update options. From that, choose “Browse my computer for driver software.”
• Now, select “Let me pick from a list of device drivers.”
• A list will be displayed which includes “High definition audio device.”
• Finally, Choose and install it.

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