{Solved} Fix Memory Management Error in Windows 10


When you are using a global Operating System such as Windows, then you should be ready to face some errors as well because there are bugs and faults everywhere in this Operating System. One of such errors is the memory management error. It is mainly an issue with the Memory Management System (MMS) which is responsible for allocating memory to various processes that are in progress.

memory management error in windows 10

When this system fails to work correctly, an appropriate message is displayed, and the system crashes. Most of the time the system shuts down unexpectedly, and the user left out panicked. Read this article, if your computer keeps on repeating and restarting unexpectedly.

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How to Fix Memory Management Error in Windows 10 Issue

But as they say, there are various ways to fix errors; we have found some methods to fix the memory management error in Windows 10 Operating System. The methods that have been discussed below will work out for almost all the cases of Windows 10 memory management error.

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Method 1: Restart the System

Most of the time, it is just an unexpected situation while handling a task. So, the issue of memory management error is fixed by a simple rebooting of the system. Thus, whenever such an error occurs in your computer, you should start by rebooting the system.

Method 2: Run a Full System Scan for Viruses

full scan

There is no doubt that a memory management error can be caused by some malicious files or programs that might have crept into your system while the firewall was inactive or by some other way. Thus running a full system scan can help you to fix the issue as it will repair your files and remove the ones that have malicious code in them. It is always advisable to delete the files which cannot repair as they can be a threat to the system at a later time.

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Method 3: Run a Disk Cleanup to get rid of Temporary Files

Most of the time there is a vast accumulation of unwanted files in the computer system which cause the memory management system to fail, and hence the memory management error occurs. One can do a cleanup of unwanted files by following these steps:

1. First, Click on the Windows icon and select Disk Cleanup from the list that appears.

2. Press OK and the scanning of files will take place.

Disk cleanup

3. Then select the items you want to clean up.

disk cleanup files

4. Click OK, and the selected files shall clean up.

By performing a disk cleanup, the memory management error shall fix. But it is advisable that one should run the disk cleanup regularly to prevent such errors in the future.

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Method 4: Run a Disk Check

If the memory management error has fixed yet in your system, you should look for issues on your disk. It can be done quickly and conveniently by using the disk check feature of the windows. The steps to be followed are:

1. At First, Open the Command Window and run it as an Administrator.

Command Prompt Run as Administrator

2. In the Command Window, type the following command:

chkdsk C:\f

3. After pressing the Enter key, type Y and press enter key again.


4. Exit the Command Window.

5. Then Restart the computer system.

6. The system will check the disk for errors and also fix them. Wait for the process to complete.

7. Finally, Start the computer after you do the disk check.

After you find the disk error-free, the system should not have any memory management error, but if it continues, you should try other methods which we have discussed below.

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Method 5: Run a Memory Check on the System

This test will be useful in fixing the memory management error by identifying the issues in the RAM which is an essential component of memory. The steps to perform the memory check using the Command Window are:

1. At First, Press Windows key and X together.

2. Then Click on Command Prompt (Admin).

Select Command Prompt

3. In the command window, type in the following command:



4. After pressing Enter key, you will get a message on your screen asking you to schedule the check or restart now.

5. Then Select Restart now, and the system will reboot.

6. Wait for the Memory Check to complete. It will take 15 to 20 minutes.

7. Once it displays the errors, fix them using suitable methods.

If the memory check has also failed to fix your issue, we have other methods as well which will help you to get a solution to this issue.

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Method 6: Use System Restore

System Restore is an excellent tool for issues such as the memory management errors. Using this tool, one can quickly fix the issues by restoring the configuration of the system to an earlier date. To do a System Restore, follow these steps:

1. First, Search for System Restore in Windows Search bar.

2. Open the System Restore Window and select the desired restore point.

select system restore point

3. Then Click on OK and restart the system.

The system restores will help you to fix the issue if you did not face it previously. But, for this method to work for you, you should have this feature enabled on your system as default disables it. Also, a restore point must exist for the restore to take place.

Method 7: Update the Operating System

Most of the users have the habit of not updating the system until an error shows up. Thus, to fix the memory management error, updating the Operating System might be useful as the developers continuously release updated versions which fix various errors by themselves. Thus, an updated system is less likely to show up errors like this.

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These were the methods to help you fix the memory management error in the Windows 10 Operating System. If none of the methods have worked for you, you should try uninstalling and reinstalling the Operating System which will fix the issue for sure.

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