Fixed: Monster Hunter World PC Disconnect Problem


Monster Hunter World is a sensational multiplayer game where the player acts as a protagonist to save the given area from attacking monsters.

Monster Hunter world
Monster Hunter World

Succeeding players are rewarded with some treasuries that enhance their capabilities as a player. One can play this game alone or in a group by connecting to its friends through thy game itself. This is an interesting game where one gets a chance to be a hero in a fictitious world, something that everyone fantasizes about.However, it has often happened that the players have reported the developers about Monster Hunter World PC Disconnect Problem message that freezes the game. This is a serious error and creates unnecessary hassles in the gaming experience. There can be many reasons behind this error and before we try to fix this error, let us first take a look at some of its possible causes.

Possible causes of Monster Hunter World PC Disconnect Problem

There can be any reason for this error as no particular cause for any error has been prescribed so far. There are only assumptions that have been made about these errors and respective countermeasures are followed to fix them. Here we have discussed a few possible causes that might be affecting your PC and causing the Monster Hunter World  Disconnect problem. These causes are:

1. Poor Network connection.

2. Pending Game updates.

3. Problem at the end of Steam friends.

4. Changed Steam ID.

5. Geographical distances from servers.

Different Ways to fix Monster Hunter World PC Disconnect Problem

This is a basic approach that before starting with any error solving process, you need to check your computer system as well. You have to ensure that in order to enjoy this game smoothly, your system needs to meet all the minimum requirements of the game.

Once you are confirmed with your system properties, only then you should proceed further to make fixes for this problem. Given below are some of the methods to fix this problem.

Method #1 Check the Network Connection

Sometimes the main cause of most of the problems in our PC is an unstable network connection. To tackle the issues in any application, it is very important to check that the network connection quality is good and that the connection is stable.

A poor network interrupts the programming of the software, which causes issues like Monster Hunter World Disconnect problem. Thus, to avoid any inconvenience you must have enough bandwidth of the internet. You can follow the given methods to check your internet connection, which are:

1. Refresh your PC, if there seems to be no problem.

2. Switch to aeroplane mode for a while and then switch it off and then make the connection.

3. Switch off the network connection or WiFi and then reconnect it.

Check the Network Connection
Check the Network Connection

These steps will resolve Monster Hunter World PC Disconnect Problem if the unstable network connection was a cause of the problem. However, if it is not resolved you can follow the next steps, which have been discussed below.

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Method #2 Update the Game to the Latest Version

There are high chances of getting Monster Hunter World Disconnect Problem message simply because you’re having an updated version of the game. An older version of the game is unable to handle the new commands that end up with error messages and the freezing of the game, which is the main problem. To update the game to its latest version, you should follow these steps:

1. Click on the Start button, and then click on All Programs.

2. You will find an update notice in the help section of the game. Click on it.

3. You will be redirected to a web browser, where you need to check for updates on the official website.

4. Download the update, and install it on your system. Do not worry about user data, since it will remain saved.

5. Restart the computer system so that the changes can take effect.

6. In case you are still struggling with this issue, you need to move on to the next method to fix this problem.

Update the Game to the Latest Version
Update the Game to the Latest Version

Method #3 Change the Steam ID

This game, Monster Hunter World provides its players with a chance to upgrade their equipment and power to fight well by passing certain rounds. Steam friends are those who have better pieces of equipment as compared to normal players.  When any player gets promoted from a normal player to a steam player then the steam ID gets changed.

In that case, it is very important that your PC needs to accept these changes if connected to any steam player as a friend. If this isn’t happening, you’ll face the Monster Hunter World Disconnect problem for sure. You can follow these steps to update your steam ID:

1. Open the game of Monster Hunter.

2. Click on Menu.

3. Look for Steam Properties.

4. In the target option, type the new ID.

Change the Steam ID
Change the Steam ID

Once done, you need to refresh the game to visualise the changes. However, if this method never worked for you, you need to follow the next step.

Method #4 Improve Connection with Steam Friends or Reconnect

Sometimes, the Monster Hunter World PC Disconnect Problem is faced due to steam friends. We have already discussed steam players earlier in this post. This error can also be due to steam friends list or due to issues connecting to them online. If the Monster Hunter World PC Disconnect Problem message is displayed, you can disconnect your steam friends.

Improve Connection with Steam Friends or Reconnect
Improve Connection with Steam Friends or Reconnect

It is possible that they need to fix it on their system before you can solve your issue. Hence, to resolve this issue, you can disconnect them. In order to connect to them again, simply share your ID with them and ask them to connect. This will resolve the problem and you will be able to connect with your friends as well.

Method #5 Geographical distances

Geographical location also plays a major role in the smooth functioning of your game. This might happen that the player you want to connect with is geographically too far from you, which will certainly interrupt your connectivity.

Chances for Monster Hunter World PC Disconnect Problem message also increase in such a case. Check that the server from your region is not too far for an efficient connection.


These were some possible ways to fix Monster Hunter World PC Disconnect Problem. After following these measures, the problem will definitely be resolved. Just in case the error still persists then you need to drop a mail to the official developers.

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