Windows has Detected an IP Address Conflict [5 Ways to Fix]


If you see a Windows has detected an IP address conflict error on your computer, then it means that some other device is also assigned the same IP address as your PC. This issue is widespread and can be resolved quickly. It occurs when a Router assigns the same IP address to several computers, you may find this error even if only one device is connected to the network.

windows has detected an ip address conflict

Having the same IP address on more than one computer is not feasible. As an IP address is a unique address that helps in recognizing a device and pinpoint a device. An analogy to this is having the same house address as your neighbor. This situation will surely give a tough time to the courier boy in figuring out the house for which the courier was designated.

Another analogy is two person having the same account number in a bank. It will raise a serious money problem. Don’t worry! Thankfully our banking software is highly robust. We hope this must have explained the scenario that, why having the same IP is problematic. Same happens with our computer, the system is unable to assign resources to different computers as per their requirements due to this confusion and thus raising the below error:

Windows has detected an IP address conflict

Another computer on this network has the same IP address as this computer. Contact your network administrator for help resolving this issue. More details are available in the Windows System event log.

(The above mentioned text is the complete error message that you might see on your computer screens)

But no need to panic after seeing this message, just follow these simple methods one by one and see which one is a lifesaver for you in this situation. Read every step carefully and do as mentioned. If there is an issue while following any of the steps then just start that method from the beginning once again.

How to Fix Windows has detected an IP Address Conflict

Here is a lost of methods to fix your problem.

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Release & Renew IP Address

Yeah, you guessed it right, the black screen window that seems “old school” but it will help you resolve the Windows has detected an IP address conflict error in no time. Command prompt modifies the core of the system, so follow the steps gingerly.

1. First, Go to the Start menu and type “cmd” in the search box. You will see an option named cmd in the list of search result. Or simply press Windows Key+X & choose Command Prompt (Admin) from the menu.

Select Command Prompt Windows has Detected an IP Address Conflict

2. On the black window that comes next type “ipconfig/release” and press Enter. Then wait till you see the arrow key again on the Command Prompt screen. (black screen)

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3. Then type “ipconfig/renew” and press Enter. Also, look out for any DNS Address Could Not Be Found Error in your PC as well.

Windows has detected an IP Address Conflict

4. Now go on and finally, stroll over the Internet.

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Explicitly restarting the router

There is a possibility that the router might fail to give an appropriate IP address to the computer. It may give rise to an error such as Windows has detected an IP address conflict. But there is nothing to worry about:

1. First, Look for the Power button on your router.

2. Once you find it, then press the power button on the router (this will switch OFF the router) and wait for 10-20 seconds.

Restart Router

3. Now, press the Power button again to switch ON the router.

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Eliminating the static IP

1. First, Press the Windows Key + R key together. You will find a window popped open.

Run Box

2. Then type “ncpa.cpl” in the blank space in the box and hit Enter. It will open the Network Connections window.


3. In the Network Connections window, then Right-Click on Local Area Connection and choose Properties option from the list.

LAN Properties

4. A new window will get open, then Double-click on Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4). In this window, select Obtain an IP address automatically and Obtain DNS server address automatically options. Then click on the OK option.

Obtain IP DNS Address Automatically Windows has Detected an IP Address Conflict

5. Just restart your computer, and hopefully, finally, you will see the Windows has Detected an IP Address Conflict error message gone.

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Disabling IPv6

1. First, Press the Windows Key + R together. A new window will appear on your computer screen.

Run Box

2. Then type “ncpa.cpl” in the blank space provided and hit Enter. Network Connections window will open.


3. Then Right- click on Network Adapter and choose Properties option from the list.

LAN Properties

4. In the properties, window Uncheck Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) and click OK.

Disable IPv6

Disable & Enable the Network Adapter

1. First, Press the Windows Key + R together.

Run Box

2. Then Type “ncpa.cpl” and hit the Enter button. However, make sure your PC is not facing the Network Adapter Missing Error.


3. Then Right-Click on your Wireless Adapter and select Disable from the list that gets open. It will stop the network adapter on your computer.

Disable Network Adapter

4. Right-Click again on Wireless adapter and select Enable from the list. Finally, this will restart your network adapter on your computer and fix Windows has Detected an IP Address Conflict error.

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We hope following one or more of the above methods must have resolved your Windows has detected an IP address conflict error. So, in the future whenever you encounter this error, hop on and follow the methods mentioned above and make sure you don’t have any Windows Update Not Working error in your system.

You can proudly brag about being a “techie” amongst your friends as well. Just don’t skip any step in a hurry. “Human error” is very much plausible. Someone has rightly said that “By seeking and blundering, we learn.”