How To Fix Sling Error 10100 On TV


In the modern world, where every person is becoming fond of watching different movies, different shows, and different OTT channels, many streaming applications and services are coming into action, and Sling TV is one of them. And like others, it also faces some errors, one of which is sling error 10100.

Different streaming platforms and services are becoming a regular part of our life. We all are fond of exploring different content in a world full of various movies, shows, and channels. And as our likeliness towards these things is increasing, streaming applications like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and streaming services like Sling TV are going on a rapid scale. The rivalry in the streaming market is increasing due to the increase in the number of streaming platforms. Each service tries to pull out something better to stand out from the existing service, which helps the viewers enjoy different benefits and facilities from other streaming services.

But none of the platforms is error-free, and so is the sling TV, which can face some errors and in this article, we will discuss methods to resolve sling error 10100.

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More About Sling TV

Sling TV is a television service. It is an American and the first app-based television streaming service. Sling TV LLC is the one operating the Sling TV service. It helps the viewers to watch different cable channels, OTT, live TV, and on-demand and popular content. We can easily stream Sling TV using various platforms, which include macOS, windows computers, Android, Nexus Player, Xbox One, Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, and many more. sling

The interface of Sling TV is user-friendly and intuitive, which helps the Sling TV to get the tag of best home theatre product. Sling TV provides different packages for the users to choose from according to their comfort. Despite all these benefits, Sling TV faces some errors like sling TV error 10 100, sling error 4-100, and Sling TV error 10 400.

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Main Reasons Behind Sling Error 10100

Before jumping to the various methods that can help you resolve this error, we will look at some common reasons that can lead to this error.

Login Credentials

Any problem with the login credentials can lead to this error. It is possible that your account is not login in the correct way.login in sling

You may feel it cannot be an issue as you are able to access the account, but the glitch can be at the server’s end.

Internet Connection

A poor or slow internet connection can also be the reason triggering the sling error 10100 and stopping you from accessing it correctly.

A Glitch In Application

There is a possibility of having a glitch in your Sling TV app. It can be due to some saved login credentials or some updates installed by your operating system.

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How To Resolve Sling Error 10100

We will now put lights on some methods that can help you resolve the error without wasting a lot of time and difficulties.

Closing App

A glitch in the application can trigger the sling error 10100. The application becomes unable to recognize even the correct credentials. In this situation, close the app entirely and then will relaunch it. We will discuss the methods for two devices – Android TV and Android mobile.

Android TV

  1. On the home screen of your TV, click on the settings.
  2. Then select the option Apps, and continue with choosing the Sling TV app.close sling television
  3. You will see a force stop button, click on it and then restart the application from scratch.

Android Mobile

  1. On your mobile phone, select the option- recent apps.
  2. All the files will appear, find the Sling TV app and close it by pressing the cross available on it or swiping it in a particular direction according to your android phone.closing apps on phone
  3. Return to the home screen and relaunch the application and check whether the error still persists.

Reinstall The Sling TV App

A common way you can try to remove the sling error 10100 is by uninstalling the application from your device. Different devices have different but easy methods to delete or uninstall an app from them.reinstalling sling

Uninstall the application and download it again. Try login in with your account and checking if the error still persists.

Internet Connection

As already discussed, a poor internet connection can be the reason behind the sling error 10100. You can try different ways to improve the network connectivity. 

  1. Disconnect your device from the internet and reconnect it after waiting for some time.
  2. You can temporarily disconnect all the other devices that are connected to the internet.
  3. Try power cycling your router by unplugging all the cables, wait for a few minutes for all the power to get drained out and then plug all the wires again.internet issue
  4. You can try using an Ethernet cable to connect your device to the source of the internet. Read this article, if you want to fix ethernet not having valid IP configuration error.

Deleting The Data In Cache

It is possible that the data in the cache can be corrupt, leading to the sling error 10100. It is important to clean that data to resolve the error. Different devices have different ways to clean the data in the cache.

Android Devices And Windows

  1. Open Chrome and click on the three buttons in the top right corner.
  2. Click on settings, then privacy and security, and select clear browsing data.clearing cache data
  3. Select options- cookies and other site data and cached images and files and then select clear data.


  1. From the main menu, select home.
  2. Now press the home button 5 times, then press up and then press the rewind and forward buttons each two times.roku
  3. Clearing the data in the cache will take a few seconds. On Apple TV, uninstall the application to clear the cache and then install it again.


The Sling TV application services are only available in the USA. Likely, the IP address of your device is not from the United States, which is why you cannot access your account and face the Sling error 10100.vpn

You can try changing the VPN and connecting to the other servers to reflect the USA IP address.

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Is Sling TV available outside the USA?

No, Sling TV is an American platform and is only available in the USA, and people from other countries cannot access it with their login credentials.

Is it easy to fix Sling TV errors?

Yes, it is way easier to fix the error by yourself. You have to follow the instructions step-by-step and will definitely be able to resolve the error unless the problem is not at the server’s end.

Does Sling TV provide different packages?

Yes, like every streaming platform, Sling TV also has a lot of packages with different benefits and facilities. This helps the user to shortlist the packages according to their need and comfort.

Is Sling TV a good option?

Yes, Sling TV is an excellent option to choose. Of course, like every other streaming platform, it also has both advantages and disadvantages. But the Sling TV is much cheaper than other services and has a good interface and facilities to help the users.


It will be very frustrating if you start Sling TV to enjoy your time and ends up getting the Sling error 10100 or sling TV waiting. The frustration can increase if you don’t know how to resolve this error. We discuss various methods in this article that can be beneficial for you if you face this error. Also, if not and the error still persists, it is possible that the server end is having problems, and you can contact customer support for better guidance.

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