{Solved} 3 Ways to Fix Netflix NW-2-5 Error Code


The NW-2-5 error on Netflix points towards most probably a network connectivity problem that is preventing any of your devices from being able to connect to Netflix. The Netflix Code NW-2-5 error is mostly shown in systems. It’s like the Xbox, PS4 and even smart TV users who watch Netflix through these systems.

What is Netflix?

Netflix may be a popular name among most internet users, as the services and popularity of Netflix are found all over the internet. To anyone who does not know the facts about Netflix, we bring you this small introduction. Netflix is a United States-based company that focuses on the on-demand Internet streaming media area; the service is top-rated because you can access it in more than 50 countries worldwide.


The subscribers of this online streaming service get the ability to watch various genres and types of online content including movies, videos. The wide acceptance of the service is also because of its features such as you can view it in any of your chosen devices. Also, you have the features such as pause and continue watching, etc. which makes online video streaming a seamless and straightforward thing.

So, overall the Netflix app is a convenient tool, which has been accepted and used in very different areas of the world and has millions of subscribers. But even though all these make Netflix a great application, but at times he also has the error on Netflix NW-2-5, which can be an annoying and disturbing issue which can be very frustrating as it disrupts the streaming.

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Why Netflix NW-2-5 Error Ouccrs?

Most of the users who face  Netflix nw 2-5 error reports that this issue on Netflix is very annoying as the error happens only on one of the devices in their home, and does not show on all of them making it clear that the router or internet connection does not create the error. This problem makes the particular Netflix error very frustrating as it can be tough to identify and resolve the actual problem behind the issue since there is no way you can connect to the internet and open the Netflix streaming service.

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In case you see the error on all of your devices including PpS4, Xbox or any other device, then the error is undoubtedly pointing out to an issue with your Internet connection or DNS configuration. These cases are mostly seen in BT users. Therefore, this issue can resolve in the majority of the cases just by turning off the Parental Controls for BT.

How to Fix Netflix NW-2-5 Error Code

So, if you are facing any difficulty with the Netflix NW-2-5 error, do not worry anymore. Here we bring you the best and easiest methods you can use to resolve the problem mentioned above.

Method 1: Check your Internet connectivity

1. Firstly, you can use your network administrator tool to make sure that the Netflix service is not blocked intentionally on your device.

2. In case you are accessing the internet through cellular data, we suggest that you try a different network since the ones mentioned above may have slower connections speed than cable internets like DSL or Optic Fibre.

3. Test the Internet connection on your device with the Internet connection/speed-test device.

4. Restart your device.

5. Restart your home network. You have to turn off and unplug both your router and modem for 20-30 seconds. Then plug them in again.

Check whether the Netflix NW-2-5 error still exists, if it does not resolve, you can move to the next method.

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Method 2: Bypass your router

If you are using a wireless router that has a connection to a modem, then you can solve the problem by trying to connect your device directly to your modem. To do this, you will require an Ethernet cable. This will help you to reach the Netflix service easily. If your problem gets resolved with this method then you can understand the problem, the problem is your router.

1. Turn off the devices that you have connected to your internet.

2. Plug the device that you need to access the Netflix service directly into your modem. You can plug the device using the Ethernet cable that we mentioned earlier.

3. Unplug your modem for at least 30 seconds and then plug it back in.

4. Turn on the device that you are using and then try to connect to the Netflix service again.

retry connection netflix
retry connection Netflix

After you do this, check whether the issue has been resolved. If it still exists, then you can either bypass your network router, or you can do it more efficiently by contacting the provider who is responsible for setting up your home router network to re-configure your router’s settings and DNS settings.

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Method 3: Turn off BT parental control Settings

If you connect to the internet using the service provider ‘BT,’ then the possibility of you facing the issue is more likely. Therefore you will face the Netflix nw-2-5 error sooner or later. Many users have reported that it is closely related to the BT Parental Control settings. So, if you are facing the same problem with BT, then we suggest that you use the following method to disable the parental controls of BT and then be able to access Netflix services on your devices.

1. Using the login details that are provided along with your modem or router by your Internet provider BT. Log in to the official BT website called My BT website.


2. On the ‘My BT’ website, Scroll down until you reach the section on the website called My Extras. Click the option called Personalise your settings.

3. Then, Click on the button to turn off the controls next to the BT Parental Controls option.

parental control
parental control

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Final Words

These are the best methods that you can use to resolve the Netflix nw-2-5 error. We recommend that you go through all the steps and settings carefully before attempting any of the above methods. This will help you to prevent any system damages due to incorrect settings. We hope that these methods helped you to resolve the problems you are facing with Netflix.

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