6 Best Note Taking Apps For Students for 2022


Studying is always pretty overwhelming, especially in college. With an increased number of classes and homework, less oversight from teachers and parents, and more responsibility, college life can be very draining. And then, there is also a much more intense social life that students also have to keep up with. Information about the best note taking apps for students is important for guidance. Read this article, to know best writing tools for professional writers.

It’s very natural to feel like a bit lost when facing all these challenges. Dealing with so many assignments, classes, and exams requires exceptional organization. “I need WritePaper writers to write a paper for me,” occasionally, such a thought can pop into your head. Get prompt academic help; this way, you can release the tension and boost your grades. But how do you get organized for other college-related things?

One way to do this is to leverage the right tools. This guide will tell and help you about the top and best note taking apps for students that will help you regain control over your studies and life. Let’s dive in!

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Top 6 Note Taking Apps For Students

We will discuss in details about the six best note taking apps for students.


Compatible with: Web, Mac, Windows, iOS, Android


  1. Compatible with various devices and operating systems;
  2. Supports integrations with different third-party apps;
  3. Easily synchronizes all your files across multiple devices;
  4. Has handy tagging and search features that help keep your files organized;
  5. Has a free version available for everyone.

Speaking about note-taking, Evernote is the best. Although this app has alternatives, it is considered the most widely used and reliable one in the market. The app enables you to create text notes and upload media files right into them. Also, it impresses users with a wealth of handy features, such as seamless synchronization, tagging, etc.evernote

The foremost part about this app is that it is available free of charge. You can start using it with a basic plan and have up to 60 MB of space per month. Of course, it is somewhat limited. It allows only a limited number of devices tied to your account and doesn’t give you access to some of the premium features.

Nevertheless, the cost of the premium version is not too high. Besides, there is a 50% discount that students might be eligible for. So, it’s worth paying for.

Download: Evernote

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Apple Notes

Another example of the best note taking apps for students is Apple Notes.

Compatible with: Web, Chrome, Windows, iOS


  1. Compatible not only with Apple gadgets but also with Chrome, web, and Windows;
  2. Immediately synchronizes with all your Apple gadgets via iCloud;
  3. Features convenient formatting and tagging options;
  4. The opportunity to add images, drawings or handwritten text, videos, and document scans;
  5. Has up to 5 GB of storage space.

Getting on the right track with your notes is a sure way to deal with your academic assignments, deadlines, tests, and other chores with ease. But, you will not always need to get a third-party application to get on the right track. Sometimes, default tools built-in into your gadgets work no worse than others, and Apple Notes is an excellent example of that.apple note

If you are an Apple user, we will recommend trying this app beforehand. This default application has everything you may need to organize and keep all your files in one place. It features a wide range of formatting and tagging features and synchronizes brilliantly with other Apple devices. And it’s absolutely free of charge. It does have a few cons, but all of them are insignificant compared to the benefits that are there.

Visit: Apple Notes

Google Keep

Compatible with: Web, Android, iOS


  1. Compatibility with all Android and iOS devices, plus a web-based version;
  2. Intuitive interface;
  3. Up to 15 GB of storage space;
  4. The top-rated app for productivity and better organization.

Although Apple Notes is a great app, as you can easily guess, it doesn’t integrate effectively with non-Apple products. So, if you are a person using Google, you might better try Google Keep for taking notes like a pro. This tool is best known for its seamless integration with all Google products, simple interface, and as much as 15 GB of storage. And there is a possibility of buying even more storage if necessary.google keep

The layout of this tool is incredible. It lets you create intuitive sticky notes with ease, thus, saving you plenty of time. The dashboard is also quite minimalistic and allows you easily organize all your files for more convenience. Finally and most importantly, though Google Keep is a free tool, it doesn’t limit the number of files you can create. It also integrates seamlessly with all Google products.

Download: Google Keep

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When we are talking about the best note taking apps for students, OneNote is an important name in the list.

Compatible with: Web, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS


  1. Great compatibility;
  2. Real-time collaboration feature;
  3. The possibility to write by hand or draw freely.

If you were searching for a one-size-fits-all solution, then OneNote might be the best choice. It can be easily used on various devices and operating systems. And its main highlight is that it allows you to take notes by writing or drawing them with a stylus or fingertips.

one note

Also, users love this tool for its collaborative features that enable students to work on their files in teams in real-time. There is also the possibility of adding different media files, such as images, videos, audio, etc. A few significant drawbacks of this tool are a somewhat cluttered interface and a lack of some advanced features. But, in conclusion, it is a great app to try!

Download: OneNote


Compatible with: Web, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS


  1. Broad compatibility across operating systems and devices;
  2. Seamless real-time collaboration;
  3. Advanced features for creating databases and tables;
  4. High level of customizability;
  5. Integration with various handy apps.

If you often deal with group projects, Notion is probably the best tool for collaboration. This tool lets you take notes with it and customize them collaboratively. What’s more, it has an incredibly interactive, real-time collaboration feature that will make your group projects simple and enjoyable.notion

Unfortunately, this app is paid if you want a Team plan. But, there is a free trial to get a taste of it. But, if you wish to just have a Personal plan, you can use it free of charge with a limited upload to 5 MB. What about the drawbacks? Probably the biggest con of Notion is that many users find it a little hard to get used to. And there is no opportunity to use it offline.

Download: Notion


The last example of the best note taking apps for students is Bear.

Compatible with: Mac, iOS


  1. The most intuitive interface;
  2. Handy organizational system;
  3. Lots of advanced features.

Unlike all the other tools present on our list, Bear is only compatible with Apple devices, which is its main con. But if you are the person using Apple, you should definitely give it a shot because it has plenty of perks. Most importantly, Bear makes note-taking simple and intuitive. This app has one of the sleekest interfaces of all and an excellent organizational system.bear

In order to unlock synchronization and other advanced features, users will have to purchase a paid plan. But it’s worth it. Bear is a great app thanks to its convenient interface and high level of customizability.

Download: Bear

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Taking notes effectively is one of the keys to students’ success. If you do it right, you will get more organized and find it easier to keep up with all your tasks, chores, and deadlines.

The apps we shared with you on this list are all time-tested and proven to be effective for note-taking and are best note taking apps for students. Give them a try to gain control over your college life! Wanted to know How To Fix ‘Windows 10 Weather App Live Tile Is Not Working’ Error? What are you waiting for, Just Click here!

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