Top 3 Methods To Create PDF From JPG


JPG format adopts very advanced compression technology, effectively removing redundant image data and obtaining better image quality with less disk space. This technology also enables the JPG format to retain high-quality color information. However, when it comes to image printing, PDF files’ resolution ratio and stability are more suitable for printing, making the files achieve the best printing effect. Therefore, when you want to print an image, to create PDF from JPG file is the best choice.

Fortunately, making PDFs from JPG images is not difficult. Next, this article will introduce you to 3 easy-to-use methods to easily achieve your goals whether you use Mac, windows, or mobile phone systems.

How to Create PDF from JPG with Online PDF Maker

It is not difficult to find a reliable online PDF marker in the market environment. Still, a professional PDF tool that is free to use and can work on mobile phone systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux, and even iOS and Android is rare. 

Luckily, PDFgear is an excellent online free tool that meets the above conditions, allowing you to compress, convert & create, edit, and read PDF files anytime, anywhere. At the same time, PDFgear has no watermark and can be used without restrictions and registration. You can click the link to read the post if you want more information about how PDFgear makes and edits PDF documents online.

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Now, let us follow the detailed tutorial to see how PDFgear creates PDFs from JPG images.

Find the Converter to Convert PDF from JPG

First, please navigate to the PDF to JPG converter with your device’s browser. The tool page is shown below.

pdf from jpg

Once you’ve reached this page, you can proceed to the next step.

Upload Your Image

Drag and drop your image to the pink box of PDFgear, or just hit the blue button on the center to upload your JPG.

choose jpg to pdf

After you’ve chosen a file, it will be uploaded to the dashboard of the converter.

Change Now and Save

After uploading, the conversion will start automatically and end with flying colors. Then the download page will appear. This will create PDF from JPG. Click the button to download and save it to your device now.

save pdf

PDFgear is undoubtedly a professional PDF tool that allows PDF users to get a satisfactory experience. But using it requires stable network conditions, and PDFgear is a third-party tool. 

Suppose you feel a little hesitant about whether to use PDFgear PDF maker because of the above two points. In that case, we also provide you with ways to easily change JPG to PDF without relying on the network and directly using the built-in tools of Windows and Mac systems.

How to Create PDF from JPG on Windows

The built-in Photos program of the Windows system can effectively help Windows users turn JPG into PDF. You just need to confirm that the default way to open JPG images on your computer is Photos and follow the following steps to complete the operation.

Open JPG with Photos

Open an image with the built-in program Photos.

create pdf from jpg on windows

You should see this option when you right click on the selected photo.

Hit the Printer Icon

Move your mouse cursor to the printer icon on the right-top corner of the Photos window and click it.

printer icon

If you have trouble finding the icon, just hold Ctrl+P keys together and the print window will pop up.

Convert and Save

A printing setting page will pop up, choose the Microsoft Print to PDF as the printer, then click the “Print” button.

save pdf on windows

Finally, save your PDF file in file explorer to your desired folder. And this will easily create PDF from JPG in just 3 steps. If you cannot save the file in a location due to permission issues, read this for a solution.

name pdf from jpg

Compared with Windows, the Mac system also has a built-in program that can help users make a PDF from an image.

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How to Convert JPG to PDF on Mac

The Preview program provided by Mac can simplify your conversion process to a greater extent. With its help, you can improve your work efficiency with great ease.

Open JPG with Preview

Right-click on the image and select Preview as the way to open it

create pdf from jpg on mac

Follow the next step after the preview has opened.

Export as PDF

Click the “File” button on the top menu bar, and tap “Export as PDF…”.

export pdfA save window will pop up. Then you can save your new PDF converted from a JPG image now.

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How do I convert JPG to PDF on my phone?

We recommend you use the free online PDF tool PDFgear to convert JPG to PDF on your phone. Without a doubt, it’s easy to find a professional PDF converter on a computer, but hardly can such a converter work on mobile at the same time. Due to its strong compatibility, PDFgear can help you on both computer and phone. Now, PDFgear supports iOS and Andriod, and you can follow the steps here and convert JPG to PDF easily with no cost and log in. Firstly, go to the converting JPG to PDF page of PDFgear with the browser installed on your phone. Then, upload your JPG image to PDFgear by tapping the button. Finally, convert now and download it to the output location.

Do I need Adobe to create a PDF?

No, you don’t need Adobe to create a PDF. Although the best way to create a PDF is using Adobe Acrobat DC, it’s too expensive to hold the right to use it. Nowadays, you can find an easy and free way to create a PDF instead of Adobe. To maximize the simplicity of your work, you can use the free online tool PDFgear as your PDF creator. PDFgear has rich PDF creating tools such as Word to PDF, JPG to PDF, PNG to PDF, PPT to PDF, and so on. It can meet all your needs in PDF creation.

Is a JPG a PDF?

No, they are totally different file formats. JPG is an image file, and PDF is a document file. These two file formats have different functions. JPG's unique compression technology gives the images saved in its format excellent quality and color. At the same time, PDF files are more suitable for cross-platform transmission, printing, and protecting data content. The two formats can be converted to each other with the help of professional file converters, such as PDFgear.


This article introduces you to three methods to convert JPG images to PDFs. Whether you are a computer user with Windows and Mac or a mobile user using iOS and Android, you can find the most suitable answer to create a PDF from an image in this post.

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