Discord Notifications Is Not Working In Windows 10 | Top 7 Fixes


Discord often crosses our minds when thinking of an excellent VoIP or an instant messaging social media app. But often, we face problems regarding the notifications of the app. Many users have reported that discord notification is not working in windows 10. This article focuses on how to fix discord notifications is not working in windows 10

The disabled notifications often lead to this issue, and we can enable them back to fix discord notifications is not working in windows 10. Updating your os or the app can also solve the issue of discord notifications are not showing up. Other than this, try disabling the streamer mode or the focus assist. Customised server notifications can lead to this issue too. 


If you are looking for an answer to how to get discord notifications on pc, Do read this article for more information on the same.

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Enabling The Notification To Fix Discord Notifications Is Not Working In Windows 10

The reason for the discord notifications is not working in windows 10. It could be that your notification for Discord is disabled within the app, or windows have disabled the app’s notification. You can easily enable it. 

Within The App

Try these steps to launch the notifications within the app:

  1.  Launch the Discord app, hit the icon for user settings, and go to app settings.discordaccount
  2. Beneath the app settings, you will see Notifications.discordnotifssettings
  3. If it’s currently off, just click the toggle button to make it active.

In Windows Settings

Try these steps to launch the notifications from the windows settings:

  1. From the start menu, access Windows settings or just click Windows+I.windows10startmenu
  2. Click on notifications in the system tab.windowsnotifs
  3. Firstly, check if the “get notification from apps and other senders” is enabled or not. If not, enable it. Then look for the discord app and see if the notification is on. Suppose it’s not enabled, enable it, and you are done.

Disable Streamer Mode

In the discord app, the streamer mode might create some problems, like not getting discord notifications on pc or discord desktop notifications not working. If discord notifications are not working in windows 10, try turning the streamer mode off.

  1. Go to the settings again within the discord app.discordstreamermode
  2. Active streamer mode will be your primary choice when selecting the Streamer Mode tab. Please disable it.

Update The App Or The Windows

Wondering why the discord notification is not working in windows 10? The problems like discord desktop notifications not working can be due to your app or windows not being updated to its latest version. First, try to update the app. If that doesn’t fix the problem, try updating the Windows.

How To Update The App

  1. Open The App.
  2.  Refresh by pressing Ctrl+R. Whenever there are any updates available, they will immediately be downloaded when you refresh by hitting Ctrl+R. To update the Windows:
    1. Open settings, select Update & security, and tap on windows Updatewindowsupdate
    2.  Once you’ve pressed “check for updates,” you can download any updates that are present.

Customized Server Notifications

You would have probably altered the server notification settings for a particular server if you were just missing certain server notifications from Discord. The choice to begin receiving all alerts from that server is customizable.

  1. Launch the discord app and locates the server from which you are not getting notifications.discordnotifssettings
  2.  Click the server’s right mouse button, then choose Notification Settings.
  3. Choose the alerts that you need to turn on. The, choose All Messages, for instance, if you wish to get every server alert.

Choose The Proper Voice Output Device

Voice output can also cause the problem of discord notifications is not working in windows 10. Opt for the proper voice output device if you are not getting discord notifications in pc.

  1. Launch the discord app, and go to user settings.
  2. Choose voice and Video. Press the drop-down icon beneath the output device to pick your output device as a default.discordusersettings
  3. Now, you can close the app and check if any notification sound from Discord is audible.

Focus Assist

Windows has provided its user with a very helpful focus assist feature, which allows its users to focus on their work without getting distracted by unwanted messages and notifications from various apps installed in the system. So, focus assist being active could be the cause of your inability to get Discord notifications.

  1. From the start menu, access Windows settings or just click Windows+I.
  2. Select focus assists from the system tab.windowsfocusassist
  3.  If it’s on, make sure to turn it off.


Why can I not see any Discord Notifications on my PC?

The reason for this can very likely be that you have not enabled the discord notifications either in your windows settings or disabled from within the app. Or a focus assist feature can also hinder notifications from apps.

What do you mean by Discord Cache?

With the existence of each image, GIF, and Video on this app, Discord cache is generated. You might run out of room for storage. It is therefore recommended to erase the Discord cache regularly.

How to update the Discord App?

You don't need to update the discord app manually. It updates itself every time you restart the app. But if you always keep your Discord app open, then it will not get updated. Simply shut down the app and relaunch it. If you don't want to update the app, press ctrl+R while still in the app, and the app will look for updates and update itself.

Does Discord use a lot of RAM?

Discord uses around 50MB of RAM to around 500 to 600MB of RAM. It entirely relies on how the software is used. If you use it quite often, it will use more RAM compared to when you use it occasionally.


Many users have encountered this issue of discord notifications not working in windows 10. It doesn’t seem easy to solve, but it is extremely easy and quick to do. The methods mentioned in this post will prove to be useful in solving the issue of discord notifications is not working in windows 10.