Does Zoom Record Your Screen Or Just The Meeting [Answered]


Zoom is a great way for businesses to connect with potential customers and partners. It is a mobile/desktop app that allows businesses to host and manage online meetings without needing to be physically present.  Zoom offers a variety of features, such as video and audio calling, meeting recording, chat, whiteboard, and file sharing.

Zoom can help you record important meetings with ease. It can help you get a clear recording of what was said and can also help you identify any issues that may have arisen. Over recent months, Zoom has become increasingly popular as more people are now taking online meetings. As such, new questions about the platform are arising, and users want answers.

One important area that users are curious about is whether or not you can Zoom record video during screen-sharing scenarios. Is it only your webcam that is recorded, or does it record the screen as well? Let’s discuss.

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What Are The Zoom Meeting Recording Options?

Zoom has multiple plans that offer various features. But, even the free version allows you to record meetings on Desktop (for mobile you will need a paid account). A downside, to be noted, is that the limit for attending a meeting on this platform is for a maximum of 40 minutes. If you’re going to be an avid user of Zoom, it’s always recommended to go with a paid plan as you get a lot more options and control over your account.

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Rest assured that zoom will allow every host to use the feature of recording the screen while in a meeting. Once the recording begins, Zoom will record everything starting from your webcam to when you eventually share your screen. And that is the key point here. Zoom will only record your screen when you have screen sharing enabled. If you don’t share your screen, Zoom will not be able to record anything going on behind the scenes. It will simply record your webcam (or only the mic if the webcam is turned off).

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Steps To Record Meet In zoom

So, what other Zoom meeting recording options are available? Well, if you want to be a true Zoom master, here’s what you need to know.

  1. Before the meeting begins, you can select the option to allow only the host to share their screen or give the option for anyone on the call to share. This will prevent others in the meeting from sharing their screen whenever they want. You can also change this setting while in the Zoom call itself.
  2. As a host, you can preset how you want to record the meeting. You can set it so that every call you make through your account is automatically recorded. Or you can set it up manually where you have to click the “record” button to start the meeting recording.record meeting
  3. However, it is to be noted that once a meeting starts in Zoom, all the people attending it will be alarmed. Zoom sends out a pop-up box to all participants informing them of this and giving them the option to leave the meeting if they don’t want to be recorded. There is also an audio cue that mentions “recording in progress” when you start the recording.
  4. You can also enable the participants of the call to record the meeting if they require it. The host can enable the setting to “Allow record” for all participants to initiate this.allow record Though, as a participant, you will have to manually click the record button as there is no automatic recording.

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How Does Zoom Record Both Webcam and Screen?

You may be wondering if it is possible to share both your webcam feed and your screen on the same call. Typically, when you share your screen, the screen share will take up the whole of your call box and your webcam will not be shown. This is to ensure that everyone on the call can see what you’re sharing on full screen.

But, it is also possible to share both your webcam and screen using either Zoom Rooms or Side-by-Side mode.

  1. Zoom Rooms is separate from a normal Zoom account and will require you to purchase a “room” for a year (starting at $499/year). Therefore, this is only recommended for those who take calls frequently and require conferencing capabilities throughout the year.zoom room You can share both your screen and webcam through this feature, and if this is something that you want, you can try out Zoom Rooms with their free 30-day trial before committing.
  2. Side-by-Side mode is more convenient as it is available on any normal Zoom account. It allows you to show both your screen and webcam side-by-side. It is to be started by sharing the monitor of the desktop. Then, under “View options” click on side-by-side mode. side by sideYou can even adjust the screen space to highlight one of the screens using the built-in slider.

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Is Zoom The Best Meeting Recording App You Can Get?

The specialties of Zoom are such that it is self-sufficient. But, this app is not perfect, and you should know about the possible disadvantages you may come across.

  1. While Zoom has useful features, many of them are locked behind paid monthly/yearly subscriptions. So even if you aren’t using Zoom every month, you will still have to pay for the account. Plus, there are multiple add-ons for extra features that can keep racking up the bill.
  2. The standard Zoom recording quality is set at 720p. In a world of HD video, this quality is sub-par and can be underwhelming for some people. You do have the option to record in 1080p HD, but again, you will have to pay extra.zoom
  3. Compared to other online meeting software, Zoom forces users to download the mobile or desktop application. Google Meets, for example, allows you to attend a meeting simply through the web browser, which cannot be done on Zoom.

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If Zoom isn’t your first choice, you can find a great Windows recording app or Mac App out there. Just know what your requirements and budget are, do a little research, and you will find one that suits your needs. You can use the appointment tool so that you never miss a meeting.